My Adventures With Superman Producer Confirms What Fans Suspected About Lois Lane

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Lois Lane, My Adventures With Superman

My Adventures With Superman producer Josephine Campbell confirmed one of the inspirations used in developing the animated series' take on Lois Lane.

Playing an important supporting role next to Jack Quaid's 22-year-old Clark Kent, Lois became a central figure in the Season 1 plot, with her father even being revealed as the General - a primary antagonist in the first 10 episodes.

Fans saw a much different version of Lois in this series than her counterpart from DC Comics, although fans of another popular animated series got some reminders of a different fan-favorite hero through Lois as well.

Animated Superman Series Producer Confirms Lois Lane Fact

Speaking with the Superman Homepage YouTube channel, My Adventures with Superman producer Josephine Campbell confirmed suspicions from fans regarding the inspirations behind this series' interpretation of Lois Lane.

The channel asked Campbell how much The Owl House's main character, Luz Noceda, was used as an inspiration for Lois, seeing distinct similarities between the two characters while watching the show:

"My wife is a huge fan of '[The] Owl House,' so I’ve watched all of 'Owl House'… She and I actually watched ['My Adventures with Superman'] together, but when I showed her the first picture of Lois, she’s like, 'Is that Luz from 'Owl House?'' Was this intentional or just a happy coincidence? It seems like they’ve got a lot of DNA in common."

Lois Lane, Luz Noceda
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Campbell confirmed this to be true since the series' art director, Jane Bak, also worked on The Owl House as she highlighted the different backgrounds that the Superman show's team boasted:

"So, a lot of the reason why a lot of these shows feel like they have DNA [in] common is we’ve all worked on all of them. Brendan [Clougher] came from 'Voltron,' I came from 'She-Ra,' Jane Bak, our art director, came from 'Owl House'… A lot of these shows that people really like and have been really big touchstones, we’ve all worked on them. "

The producer simplified this similarity to the fact that Superman brought together so many people "who have worked on different bits of media that we all love," bringing their influence together into this new adventure:

"So, a lot of the show was us having fun, because we got to pull together our friends who have worked on different bits of media that we all love, to come together, and make this. So yeah… Some of the reason it looks similar to some of these other shows is because we all made those shows. And then, yeah, mainly that haircut. When she put that haircut on, you got it."

Luz Noceda is an eager teenager who stumbles upon a portal to a world called the Boiling Isles in The Owl House, looking to prove herself as an up-and-coming witch. 

She also sports a look quite similar to Lois as they both have light brown eyes and short brown hair along with comparatively strong personalities. While this version of Lois is shown as being of Korean descent and Luz is Afro-Latina, they also have similarly dark skin, further adding to the comparisons.

This comes after a number of fans shared their own reaction to the characters on X (formerly Twitter) noting the legitimacy of the comparisons between Lois and Luz.

ReignOfPride bluntly noted that "Lois Lane looks exactly like Luz Noceda" and that they "can’t unsee it" after watching both shows.

LetsTalkTommie expressed similar feelings about the comparison, stating that "The new animated Lois Lane is just Luz Noceda."

foleyexpresscs pitted the two female characters against one another more firmly, noting that this version of Lois "is not beating the Luz Noceda allegations:"

"when I tell y’all this iteration of Lois Lane is not beating the Luz Noceda allegations, I mean that!!!"

Reddit user u/CrystalDragex also offered their own comment on the Lois/Laz comparison, sharing a collage of Lois pictures in a group for The Owl House fans:

"I know I'm not the first person to make this joke but whenever I see Lois Lane from HBO's My Adventures with Superman, I can't help but think this."

Where Will Lois Go in My Adventures With Superman Season 2?

The end of Season 1 sets up some significant drama for Lois as she learns about her father's villainous ways, jumping in to protect Superman as the hero puts forth his best efforts to stop a new Kryptonian invasion.

But with the General now in Task Force X's crosshairs after appearing to let their prime target go, Superman and Lois are sure to have an even bigger target on their backs moving forward into Season 2.

Lois also got a major promotion at the Daily Planet as she, Clark, and Jimmy Olsen were all promoted to staff writers for their efforts in covering the madness going down all over Metropolis.

And with Season 2 looking to bring even more classic Superman antagonists like Brainiac and General Zod to Earth, Lois is sure to be neck-deep in the action that unfolds with her boyfriend now being a public figure.

Season 1 of My Adventures With Superman is available to stream in its entirety on Max.

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