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MultiVersus Toast and Tasmanian Devil

With all the game's myriad currencies, the MultiVersus Toast system may be a little confusing for fans to navigate. 

The Warner Bros. crossover fighter (akin to Super Smash Bros.) takes a unique tact from some of its fighting game brethren, opting for a free-to-play release strategy rather than releasing as a full-priced game. 

This means instead of buying the game outright and getting all the content as a part of that price, gamers can download and play for free. They can buy characters, costumes, and customizable times piecemeal through several different in-game currencies. 

What Is Toast in MultiVersus?

Shaggy punching Superman in MultiVersus
Warner Bros. 

Toast is one of the many currencies in MultiVersus, but it has been changed slightly since its appearance in the beta. 

The name Toast is a play on the real-world practice of toasting someone to offer a public decree of thanks or well wishes during a formal event such as a holiday meal, awards ceremony, or wedding. 

However, in the world of MultiVersus, it is an appropriately goofy play on the word, represented as actual digital slices of bread. 

During the game's beta phase in 2022 and 2023, Toast was used to give to opponents to show respect after a match.

It would award an opponent with some gold currency and the 'toasting' player with some in-game achievements. 

Back then, Toast could be purchased using one's gold currency or earned through the beta's several battle passes. 

In the full release of the game, Toast works differently. 

Gold as a currency has been removed in the launch version of the online platform fighter. This means Toast no longer awards the defunct currency to the player who receives the in-game kudos from an opponent. 

Instead, offering someone a Toast grants them some Fighter Tickets, the new currency for unlocking characters. 

Also, Toast can no longer be purchased. It is instead earned as a daily reward for logging into the game incentivizing players to open up MultiVersus at least once a day (a tact Fortnite has employed for years). 

Players get five Toasts a day for logging in and can accumulate them over time, not having to use the Toasts each day as they carry over. 

Those who participated in the MultiVersus beta will also have their Toast transfer from the pre-release version of the game. 

That means if a player purchased however much of the in-game currency previously, they will be banked in their account when they log into the full 1.0 release. 

Was the Toast Change Worth it?

Of course, major changes would be made to MultiVersus before its full release, but the verdict is still out on whether this Toast change was worth it for players. 

In the beta, gold - which was awarded to a player for receiving a Toast - served as kind of a catch-all currency. 

With it, players could buy new fighters, costumes, player icons and so much more.

Now, however, the gold currency has almost been split into two. There are Fighter Tickets, which are used exclusively for unlocking characters, and a more premium currency known as Gleamium. 

Gleamium is MultiVersus' answer to Fortnite's V-Bucks, allowing gamers to purchase premium items like character variants, Battle Pass tiers, and so on. 

So while someone being awarded a Toast at the end of a game is still valuable, allowing a player to earn a few Fighter Tickets and save up for a character they have been eyeing in the shop, it also takes away some of that currency's past utility.

Getting a Toast from an opponent can now only go toward purchasing a new character and nothing else. 

The changes have also restricted the Toast economy, taking away the ability to purchase Toast a la carte.

It is unclear, given how early in its life MultiVersus is, how this change of awarding Toasts to players daily as opposed to making them available for purchase will affect their worth. 

However, taking away some of their purchasing power is sure to rub some gamers the wrong way. 

MultiVersus is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. 

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