All 17 Wuthering Waves Characters & Tier List Breakdown (Ranked Best to Worst)

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Wuthering Waves main characters

Coming from Chinese developer Kuro Games, Wuthering Waves is a new free-to-play action RPG available on PC and mobile (with plans for an eventual PlayStation release).

Wuthering Waves allows players to control the Rover and other Resonator characters with distinct abilities, weapons, and skills as they take on monsters and other threats in a futuristic post-apocalyptic open world. 

But not all characters in Wuthering Waves are created equal and, based on the average rankings of other tier lists, here's a ranking of all 17 playable characters into four distinct brackets:

S Tier


Wuthering Waves, Jiyan
Wuthering Waves

The general of the Midnight Rangers military force Jiyan is among the strongest characters in Wuthering Waves. He fights as one of three heroes to utilize the Broadblade and manipulates air thanks to the Aero attribute. 


Wuthering Waves, Verina
Wuthering Waves

Verina is a Spectro Congenital Resonator, with her attribute giving her the ability to bind photos as she wields the Rectifier into combat. Her background in Wuthering Waves comes as a Botanist from the New Federation.


Wuthering Waves, Yinlin
Wuthering Waves

Yinlin is among the characters in Wuthering Waves to wield the Electro attribute and displace charges. She can be found hunting hidden evils in secret wielding a Rectifier after being suspended from the Public Security Bureau.

A Tier


Wuthering Waves, Calcharo
Wuthering Waves

The leader of the Ghost Hounds mercenaries and a former exile from the New Federation's Lawless Zone, Calcharo is a Broadblade-wielding Resonator who utilizes the massive sword in combat.


Wuthering Waves, Encore
Wuthering Waves

Encore comes from the New Federation and serves as a consultant for the Black Shores research group. As a Fusion Resonator, Encore can apply and ignite heat against her enemies while fighting with the Rectifier. 


Wuthering Waves, Sanhua
Wuthering Waves

Sanhua uses the Glacio attribute in combat, meaning she can freeze the monsters of Wuthering Waves as she fights with her sword. She serves as a loyal and reliable guard for Jinhsi, the magistrate in Jinzhou city.

B Tier


Wuthering Waves, Baizhi
Wuthering Waves

Baizhi is a researcher in Remnant Ecoacoustics at Huaxu Academy who can summon symbiotic Remnant You'tan as a source of healing. She wields the frost-like Glacio attribute and a Rectifier in the fight of Wuthering Waves.


Wuthering Waves, Chixia
Wuthering Waves

As a junior patroller in Jinzhou, Chixia is a Fusion Mutant Resonator who can ignite flames in combat and target her enemies with a set of pistols.


Wuthering Waves, Danjin
Wuthering Waves

Danjin is among the members of the Midnight Rangers military force of Wuthering Waves and a Havoc Mutant Resonator. Fighting with a sword, Danjin's Havoc attribute gives her the ability to annihilate matter. 


Wuthering Waves, Jianxin
Wuthering Waves

Jianxin is a Taoist monk in Wuthering Waves who has dedicated her life to mastering martial arts. Her Aero attribute helps her to manipulate airflow while she holds a gauntlet as her primary weapon.


Wuthering Waves, Lingyang
Wuthering Waves

Lingyang is a Glacio Natural Resonator and a member of Jinzhou's liondance troupe. The last of the Suan'ni, Lingyang holds a five-star rarity and enters combat with the help of a gauntlet.


Wuthering Waves, Mortefi
Wuthering Waves

Coming from the New Federation and an expert in Tacetite Weaponry, Mortefi wields pistols in combat. As represented by his fiery red hair, Mortefi holds the Fusion attribute and can be found setting fire to the battlefield.


Wuthering Waves, Rover
Wuthering Waves

Rover is the lead protagonist of Wuthering Waves with an unknown past and can be played as either male or female. The lead Resonator is a multi-attribute character who utilizes a sword in combat with a five-star rating.

The story of Wuthering Waves takes Rover on a journey to uncover the truths of their past and develop a deeper connection with the world on the way.

C Tier


Wuthering Waves, Aalto
Wuthering Waves

Starting the tier for Wuthering Waves' worst Resonators is the New Federation Information Broker Aalto. This Aero Congenital Resonator holds a four-star rarity and takes on the attacking monsters using pistols.


Wuthering Waves, Yangyang
Wuthering Waves

Yangyang is an outsider for the Midnight Rangers and an Aero Natrual Resonator who uses the wind to protect others from evil. Her weapon of choice is a sword and she holds a four-star rarity rating.


Wuthering Waves, Yuanwu
Wuthering Waves

Yuanwu has the unique origin of being the proprietor of a boxing gym in Wuthering Waves. With honed skills in the Leihuang martial arts style, Yuanwu holds a gauntlet as his weapon and uses the Electro attribute to shock his enemies.


Wuthering Waves, Taoqi
Wuthering Waves

Taoqi is the director of border defense at the Ministry of Development and is a Havoc Natural Resonator in Wuthering Waves. She wields a Broadblade against her enemies, holds a four-star rarity, and uses her Havoc to annihilate matter.

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