Morbius Star Jared Leto Says Marvel's Blade Could Cross Over With Antihero

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Morbius vs. Blade

The upcoming Sony Marvel film Morbius was recently delayed to January 21, 2022. This was the film's third delay, initially supposed to come out in July of 2020.

With Jared Leto set to play the Living Vampire, many fans got excited after a glimpse of Spider-Man on a poster and an appearance from Michael Keaton's Adrian Toomes appeared in the first and only Morbius trailer. This teased a major crossover between Sony's Marvel projects and Disney's MCU. Due to the extensive delays, it may have been easy to forget about this potential cross-over, but now it seems even more collaboration with Sony and Marvel Studios could be in the works.


During a recent interview on The Late Late Show musician Reggie Watts asked Jared Leto if could see "Blade and Morbius getting together?" Leto left the door open replying, "You know, that is a good question and I could see that happening in the future. I do... I can see that happening, yeah."



Based on Leto's response, it seems like he may know more than he was willing to let on. The confidence he portrays in his answer is surprising, and points to Morbius becoming a member of the MCU in some way, or at least regularly interacting with those characters. Based on that first Morbius trailer, it is clear that there will be some overlap with established MCU characters like Vulture and possibly more.

It is still foggy on how the story will be told, but with the multiverse seemingly being a major plot point of Spider-Man 3, it could be an easy way to explain away Sony characters appearing in MCU movies and vice versa.

A Morbius/Blade film could give blood-thirsty fans a cinematic delight. An upcoming Blade reboot starring Mahershala Ali is in the works at Marvel Studios, which will be the audience's introduction to vampires in the MCU. In the comics, Blade is bitten by Morbius and that is what gives him his vampiric abilities. 

Could this be the storyline used in Marvel Studios Blade? The film is still in preproduction and there is no set release date so the possibilities are endless. An eventual Morbius vs. Blade film could be a much darker film than ever before seen in the MCU. As Deadpool 3 is confirmed as rated-R, it's not inconceivable that Blade could get a similar treatment. 

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