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In keeping with the comics, Marvel Studios' Moon Knight on Disney+ hasn't shied away from highlighting the character of Marc Spector's struggle with Dissociative Identity Disorder. In addition to serving as the avatar of the Egyptian mood god, Khonshu, Spector's other personality is that of Steven Grant; and from what fans have seen, the two are likely to discover a third personality before the show concludes.

Throughout the show's first four episodes, fans and critics alike have praised Oscar Isaac's performances as the two distinct personalities and those moments where the two talk to one another. 

And, while Oscar Isaac deserves recognition for his plural portrayals, credit is also due to those behind the camera tasked with bringing Moon Knight's complex story to the screen; and apparently, Marvel Studios is doing just that. 

Moon Knight Cinematographer's Future Plans in the MCU

Moon Knight

In talking with FilmSpeak, Moon Knight director of photography / cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo teased his upcoming return to the MCU, saying that he's "been asked" by Marvel Studios about his potential MCU return for "a few" upcoming projects, yet his schedule on other movies/shows has made it difficult for him to commit:

“I've been asked a few things. I can't say what. The timing hasn't been right for me yet. But I would love to do other Marvel stuff, I'd love to get the chance to do it again. For me, it's always about the filmmaker who is who's leading the ship and because those are the people that I'm with day in and day out for hours and hours on end. So I really need to be excited and inspired, and also like them personally. It's really important to me.”

Palermo, who served as the director of photography for Moon Knight's second and fourth episodes, isn't the only member of the crew Marvel Studios has recruited for a future project. 

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead, who also directed Episodes 2 and 4 of the series, have already signed on to direct Season 2 of Loki for Disney+.  

Even though Palermo has yet to confirm what Marvel Studios has approached him with, he too has nothing but praise of Oscar Isaac and credits the actor for Moon Knight's success, admitting, "If he didn't perform well, the whole series would fail:"

“I have to give hats off to Oscar because he was told. So much of the burden of the show weighed on him. And if he wasn't doing well, if he didn't perform well, the whole series would fail.”

In terms of how he showcased Isaac's Steven and Marc communicating, Palermo touched on the show's frequent use of reflections, particularly those shaped like a pyramid. In fact, this effort went so far that he and the crew became "aware of them constantly" and that "Even Steven's apartment is a pyramidal stricture:"

“The thing that my mind went to immediately was how often we were trying to sneak in pyramidal shapes in architecture, or framing him in sort of pyramidal shapes. It kind of became a running like a joke for us to just point out pyramids. As we were scouting, [we became] so aware of them constantly...Even Steven’s apartment is a pyramidal structure.”

No "Laters Gators" for Moon Knight's DP

While fans have surely noticed Steven and Marc communicating via pyramid-shaped reflective surfaces, the use of the shape isn't just on-theme with Moon Knight's Egyptian motif, but it also represents Marc's own issues. After all, pyramids have multiple sides, just like Marc. 

Speaking of sides, Palermo's work in Episode 4 of Moon Knight truly showcased his range in terms of cinematography; and now that fans know Marvel Studios is looking to recruit him, the question is for what project? 

Since his Moon Knight directors are attached to the series' sophomore season, the obvious answer would be Season 2 of Loki. However, the fact he's in talks to work with filmmaker David Lowery for a film shooting this summer seems to rule out that possibility. 

The good news is that this is Marvel Studios, meaning there are always other projects coming down the pipeline. And, even if Palermo's name doesn't appear in the credits for a 2023 MCU project, he and Marvel will have plenty of other opportunities to reunite down the line. 

New episodes of Moon Knight debut on Wednesdays on Disney+.

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