Disney Releases 10 Photos From Moon Knight's Heartbreaking Episode 5

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Moon Knight Episode 5 Oscar Isaac images

Moon Knight has been a wild ride for audiences around the world. The story of Marc Spector’s plight dealing with dissociative identity disorder alongside being possessed by an Egyptian Moon God has fascinated fans. More recently, the series shattered the hearts of viewers with its latest episode as it revealed the reason for Steven Grant’s existence: his abusive mother.

Many undoubtedly expected something tragic behind Marc’s circumstances, but that didn’t make watching it all unfold any less sad. 

Now viewers can relive the tragedy of the episode before the finale airs on May 4 thanks to Marvel, who officially released ten new stills from the fifth installment.

Moon Knight Highlights MCU Family Drama

Marvel Studios released high-quality stills from the fifth installment of its Disney+ series Moon Knight, titled "Asylum."

Fernanda Andrade’s Wendy Spector can be seen before everything goes south.

Moon Knight, Spector
Marvel Studios

Grant follows both his brother and himself into the cave where only one would eventually walk out from.

Oscar Isaac, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Steven looks up at Taweret and all her Hippo glory.

Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac
Marvel Studios

Steven Grant morbidly witnesses his late brother's funeral.

Moon knight Spector Oscar Isaac
Marvel Studios

A young Marc Spector feels guilty during his sibling's celebration of life. 

Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Ray Lucas’ Elias Spector seems conflicted.

Moon knight Spector father
Marvel Studios

Wendy begins to turn on her remaining child.

Moon Knight mother Spector
Marvel Studios

Marc was shown having a not-so-great birthday party.

Moon knight Spector
Marvel Studios

Steven stands witness to Marc’s lackluster, even depressing, birthday party.

Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac, Spector
Marvel Studios

Marc Spector looks into his mother’s funeral just before the mental barriers between him and Steven Grant break down.

Oscar Isaac, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios


Moon Knight’s Conclusion is Neigh

If Marc Spector’s story is any indication, the MCU needs some better parents—a sentiment many likely agree with. Alas, as heartbreaking as it all is, it’s the fire from which the titular hero was born. 

Speaking of heroes, the sting of Steven’s loss likely still reverberates throughout audiences’ hearts—is he really gone? Could there be any hope for his resurrection?

More importantly, after all of that, how in the world does Marc Spector return from the afterlife? The final moments of Episode 5 offered no suggestion as to his next moves—it just hit viewers in the face with Steven’s death, dropped Marc into some reeds, and then ended.

Hopefully, he finds a way, given how it seems Ammit has been successfully freed in the living world. Marc and Khonshu have some work to do.  

Moon Knight is currently airing on Disney+, and the finale will stream on Wednesday, May 6. 

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