Will Monsieur Spade Season 2 Happen? Clive Owen Addresses Potential Future of Show

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Clive Owen in Monsieur Spade

Monsieur Spade star Clive Owen teased the potential for a Season 2 of his hit AMC detective series. 

The new crime series follows an older Sam Spade, the detective made famous in author Dashiell Hammett's 1930 novel The Maltese Falcon

Monsieur Spade was an original story starring the character, pulling the iconic literary detective out of retirement in the south of France, as Spade pursues a twisting web of criminal conspiracy revolving around a mysterious young boy. 

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Monsieur Spade Season 2 Teased By Star

Clive Owen in Monsieur Spade

In a recent interview on AMC's official blog, Monsieur Spade star Clive Owen revealed his thoughts on reprising the role in a Season 2.

When asked about donning the character's iconic fedora again, Owen said he and series creator Scott Frank have "talked a bit about it," but they are "just waiting to see how this goes:"

"I’d want to go back to San Francisco and investigate something from his past. To be honest, Scott and I have already talked a bit about it... but everyone’s just waiting to see how this goes, because there’s certainly some really exciting possibilities of where we could take him."

This seemingly indicates the future of the series could be predicated on the reception of Season 1. 

Speaking on the idea of more Sam Spade stories, Owen told The Daily Beast, "The beauty of something like this is, once you’ve set him up, you can take him anywhere. The options are really exciting and open:"

"The beauty of something like this is, once you’ve set him up, you can take him anywhere. The options are really exciting and open. We’re not set up in a world where we’d have to keep repeating that world; we can throw Spade anywhere and go, how would you cope if he was in this situation or in this environment? So the potential to do more is much more interesting than if it was something that was really locked in."

As for where the actor wants to go next with the character, Owen reiterated Sam Spade's hometown of "San Francisco:"

"I wouldn’t mind going back to San Francisco!"

Will There Be a Season 2 of Monsieur Spade?

While AMC and the Monsieur Spade team may still taking in Season 1 of the crime drama coming to a close, the eyes of fans are will almost certainly start to turn to the idea of a Season 2. 

A second batch of episodes has yet to be announced, but it feels like it is bound to happen at this point. 

When Clive Owen says they are "waiting to see how things go" before committing to anything beyond Season 1, he is likely referring to critical reception and viewership numbers for his first go-round as the iconic detective. 

If that is the case, Season 2 seems highly likely. The series earned a respectable 77% on Rotten Tomatoes and has remained in the conversation amongst TV audiences since its debut. 

Now that Season 1 is done, AMC can get its ducks in a row and earnestly weigh whether it wants to get back into business with the Monsieur Spade crew. 

The first season of the television thriller left things open-ended enough that setting up a new story for a potential second season would not be that difficult. 

And with Season 1 taking Sam Spade - a character traditionally known for his detective exploits in 1900s San Francisco - out of his home country to the south of France, perhaps Owen might be onto something with his "[going] back to San Francisco" idea.

This call home for the detective could be an interesting way to honor Sam Spade's literary past while but doing it in a new way. 

Monsieur Spade is now streaming on AMC+. 

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