Monsieur Spade Episode 6 Ending Explained

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Monsieur Spade Ending Explained

After an explosive finale, fans are scratching their heads at what the ending of Monsieur Spade Episode 6 means.

The Clive Owen-led AMC series ended on February 18, seemingly closing the book on his titular private investigator and the neo-noir crime conspiracy he found himself embroiled in. 

Episode 6 finally saw the resolution of multiple long-running story threads, including the mysterious murder of six nuns, the cult-like fascination surrounding a small boy said to have great power, and Detective Spade's trauma stemming from the death of close friend Gabrielle.

Breaking Down Monsieur Spade's Ending

Clive Owen as Samuel Spade in Monsieur Spade

After weeks of double-crosses, uncovering government conspiracies, and (yes) several blood-soaked crime scenes, everything came to a head for Clive Owen's titular detective during the ending of Monsieur Spade Episode 6. 

The pulled-out-of-retirement PI was forced to confront his demons (both internal and not) in the French countryside, as the series' central criminal plot came to light. 

Episode 6 kicks off with the cast still feeling the effects of the death of Jean-Pierre (played by Stanley Weber). There is nothing Spade can do to bring him back, as the series protagonist is forced to break the news to Jean-Pierre's wife Marguerite (Louise Bourgoin). 

She knows her husband did not die in vain, though, as he was slain by Philippe (Jonathan Zaccai) as Jean-Pierre attempted to save the mysterious boy Zayd at the heart of the series. 

Heading back to his Bozouls estate, Spade is confronted by the man known as Mr. Kahn. He says to be working in concert with Zayd's family and Spade should stay out of whatever is about to happen. Spade, of course, does not heed Kahn's warning. 

This all culminates in a tense gunfight during the planned exchange of Zayd between Philippe's compatriots Gazala and Zayd and Mr. Kahn. The first chance he gets, Philippe shoots Kahn, killing the man. 

Spade overhears these gunshots and rushes to the bridge where the shootout is taking place. Also drawn to the action is Spade's teenage companion he has taken in, Teresa who has been taken hostage by the monk that killed the nuns back in Episode 1. 

Cara Bossom as Teresa in Monsieur Spade

At the bridge, Teresa is saved thanks to Henri (Oscar Lesage), who distracts the monk holding onto Teresa so she can escape. She swoops in, grabs Zayd, and runs to Spade with the young boy in tow. 

The monk is then shot by Pratrice (Denis Ménochet) before a third party arrives in the Special Forces Agent Virginia. Virginia wants to talk, gathering Spade, Marguerite, Cynthia, Philippe, Henri, and everyone involved with the child in a room

This tense final sequence ends with a discussion between Spade, Virginia, and the rest of the investigative team. Various parties claim they are entitled to the boy and that he should come with them. 

Cynthia Fitzsimmons from MI6 thinks he must come under the custody of England, Virginia says she is there to get the boy on behalf of the UN, and French Military Man Suchet believes because Zayd is Algerian French he falls under his purview. 

Ultimately, Zayd heads back home with Virginia and Cynthia takes Philippe into custody for the murder of Jean-Pierre in Episode 5. 

The series closes with Clive Owen's titular PI headed back into retirement, disrobing and hopping into the pool for a naked swim - something earlier in the episode was revealed was a frequent habit of him and his dearly departed Gabrielle. 

Is This the End for Monsieur Spade?

Clive Owen as Samuel Spade in Monsieur Spade

After coming out of retirement for the events of Monsieur Spade, it would seem the series leaves its titular detective firmly back in retired life, having hung up his trench coat one last time. 

However, who is to say Clive Owen's PI has 100% put his sleuthing days behind him?

No Season 2 of the hit AMC series has been officially announced, and if it does not, the ending to Episode 6 serves as a satisfying conclusion to Sam Spade's story should more episodes never happen. 

Spade as a character was created by the author Dashiell Hammett and served as the protagonist of the iconic 1930 novel The Maltese Falcon

He has popped up in several other stories over the years, and the version seen in Monsieur Spade seems to be an older, now-retired take on Hammett's iconic literary detective. 

All this is to say, like the Spade-centric stories of the past, the character is never truly done doing what he does best. 

If AMC sees fit, there is certainly the possibility the network will bring back the Monsieur Spade team to pull the character out of retirement once again. 

While Season 1 was an interesting international story for a character that has typically spent most of his time working stateside, a potentially even more international Season 2 could be something special. 

This new story could perhaps see the character drawn elsewhere in the world tackling another mind-boggling mystery in another exotic locale. 

Monsieur Spade Season 1 is now streaming on AMC+.

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