MCU: Spider-Man Producer Casts Doubt on Miles Morales Crossover

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Sony Pictures and Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal cast some doubts on a Miles Morales MCU crossover. 

With Miles back in the spotlight thanks to the stellar Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, fans have been clamoring to know if and when the character could make his live-action debut. 

Speaking at the Spider-Verse 2 premiere event, Pascal told the press when asked about both a live-action Miles movie and a Spider-Woman-centric project that "you’ll see all of it," it is "all happening."

These comments have caused much speculation, with many wondering if a Miles movie were to come to fruition, would it be in Sony's Spider-Man Universe or alongside Tom Holland's Peter Parker in the MCU? 

Don't Hold Your Breath For a Miles' MCU Crossover

Miles Morales in Spider-Man Playstation game

Speaking as a part of a Tom Holland-focused story for The Hollywood Reporter, renowned Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal hinted that a live-action Miles Morales may not crossover into the MCU. 

Pascal, who produces both the Tom Holland-led MCU films and Sony's Spider-Man Universe, called both franchises "separate worlds" and that they "have a lot of movies to make about Miles" and "a lot of movies to make about Peter," alluding to the two characters remaining separated:

“They’re completely separate worlds. You never know. I would never say no to anything. But we have a lot of movies to make about Miles and a lot of movies to make about Peter. I am a movie producer. I want to keep going with this franchise with Tom.”

Recalling just how big of an impression Holland left on her, she called his screen test alongside Robert Downey Jr. "astonishing."

The Spidey producer added that she had "never seen anything like it" and that Holland "inhabited Peter Parker in a way that was completely unique:"

“I’ve never seen anything like it. He inhabited Peter Parker in a way that was completely unique. He was emotional. He was funny. He had a pathos to him that is hidden behind his smile. But you can feel it. He’s hiding it from you in a way that’s beautiful.”

Will Miles Morales Crossover in the MCU?

Right now, the question is not if Miles Morales will pop up in live-action, it is just a matter of when and what universe it happens in. 

Traditionally, Miles has served as a successor of sorts to Peter Parker's Spider-Man, working under the tutelage of Marvel's original wall-crawler. 

If, in fact, a Miles movie is "a couple of years" away (like Pascal has previously teased) then it being in the MCU might actually work. 

Marvel Studios is about to gear up for what seems to be another web-slinging trilogy with Tom Holland. So if this "couple of years" is closer to six or seven years down the line, then Holland's version of the hero could be old enough, and had enough run on his own, for him to take on a protege in the form of Miles. 

Seeds have been laid for the hero's MCU debut since Tom Holland's web-head first debuted in the franchise, but little has come from any of those. 

If Sony Pictures wants Miles in live-action before Holland's next trilogy is either coming to an end or is close to ending, then an MCU crossover feels less likely. 

That is not to say any form of Miles will not interact with Tom Holland and the other big-screen Spider-Men.

With the live-action barrier being briefly broken in the animated Across the Spider-Verse, many have wondered if Holland could pop up in next year's Spider-Verse threequel

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