MCU's Hawkeye Show: SHIELD Connection To Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton Revealed By Set Photo

By Richard Nebens Updated:
Nick Fury, Hawkeye

Inside looks at Marvel Studios' new projects coming in Phase 4 have flooded the news streams over the past couple of weeks, hyping fans up for the most expansive group of movies and series in the franchise's history. Most of these behind-the-scenes looks have come from the upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye, which is deep in the process of filming in New York City.

No plot details have been revealed yet for Hawkeye outside of Clint Barton's mentorship of Kate Bishop and potentially Maya Lopez's Echo. The series also looks to be set in late 2024 going into 2025, which will help answer more questions about how the world is operating post-Avengers: Endgame.

While the series looks to expand on the MCU's future, new details from recent set photos may indicate that Barton is going back to his early MCU roots in his first solo project.


Looking closely at a new post from Twitter user @CreamOrScream, a new set photo from the Disney+ series Hawkeye reveals that Clint Barton's arrow quiver is branded with a SHIELD emblem on its bottom.

The full post can be seen below:



This detail is one of the most interesting images to come out of recent Hawkeye set photos, especially with how much SHIELD has been phased out of the MCU since the organization fell to pieces in 2014's Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There is no news pointing to the secret organization making any kind of substantial return in any of the Phase 4 movies or Disney+ series, although it served as a constant presence through most of the Infinity Saga.

In terms of Clint Barton specifically, it could be as simple as the archer using an old arrow quiver from his days as a SHIELD agent, possibly having to grab it from a secret hideout while he runs from new enemies in this show. On the other hand, he could have to connect back up with the organization for their help as he dives headfirst into his solo adventure, signaling that SHIELD will be making some sort of comeback in Phase 4.

Whether SHIELD returns in Hawkeye is still a mystery, but it's great to see that Clint Barton hasn't forgotten his beginnings as he moves forward in his superhero life.

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