MCU Blade Reboot: 1 Fan-Favorite Director Replacement Takes Name Out of Contention

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For those eagerly anticipating the upcoming Blade film from Marvel Studios, the last few weeks have not been the best. After director Bassam Tariq left the film in late September, production was shut down as the studio rejigs the Mahershala Ali-led blockbuster. 

The film was initially set for a Halloween 2023 release, but has been delayed to September 2024 as Marvel looks to "really get [the film] right." Now, the search for a director begins, and a number of names have started to pop up as fans post their wishlists online. 

One name that has surfaced amongst the MCU faithful is composer-turned-Werewolf by Night director Michael Giacchino. However, Giacchino may not be as into the idea of him taking over Blade as the internet wishes he was. 

Giacchino Rules Out Blade Gig

Blade, Mahershala Ali

Speaking on's Phase Zero podcast, Werewolf By Night director and famed composer Michael Giacchino addressed the idea of helming Mahershala Ali's Blade reboot. 

After Phase Zero host Brandon Davis asked the Marvel director if he would have any interest in taking over directing duties on the vampire-hunting blockbuster, Giachinno said as much as he "[loves] Blade" he would say "no" if asked. 

He mentioned that right now he has a different project "already in motion" and "timing-wise, [it being] a little crazy" right now, it just wouldn't make sense:

“I mean, look, I love Blade. I think that’s an amazing, amazing character. It’s one of my favorites. But I feel like that thing is already in motion in a way that is like and I’m in motion on other things as well, and there’s just– It’s a whole… you know. It’s just, timing-wise, it’s a little crazy. So I feel like, you know… I want that to be a great movie. I want that to be an awesome movie, because that character deserves it in a huge way. But yeah, right now, I mean, no.”

This comes after a large contingent of fans have been calling for the director to jump on the project, after he received rave reviews for his directorial debut in Werewolf by Night.

Twitter user @chrisdadeviant said that after watching the MCU Special Presentation he thought "Giacchino should direct Blade."

@CTropes shared a similar sentiment,simply tweeting:

"Maybe Michael Giacchino should direct Blade."

@SynthPsycho tweeted begging Marvel to "give [Giacchino] the chair" on the vampire-slaying epic:

"Had people seem to agree Michael Giacchino should take over for Blade, because my God this. Especially as a person who adores the Universal and Hammer eras of horror it was great. Please give him the chair."

After watching Werewolf by Night @GraveNova didn't just stop at the directing job on Blade but said Giacchino should be put "in charge of the [entire] horror side of the MCU:"

"Put Michael Giacchino in charge of the horror side of the MCU give him blade and let him have control of future seasons of moon knight please and thank you"

And @mattlikesfilm noted Giacchino's use of "practical effects as well as tension" that would make him perfect for Blade:

 "i would LOVE to see michael giacchino direct blade. his use of practical effects as well as tension is perfect for a story revolving around eric brooks"

No Giacchino on Blade

This outright "no" from Giacchino will be very disappointing for many. After seeing what he can do as a director on Werewolf by Night, the noted composer showed what he can do when given full creative control of a project, showcasing a style and personal touch that would seemingly be perfect for the world of Blade

But he doesn't seem like he is too into the idea. That is not to say there is a 0% chance the director does jump on the project. Marvel personalities lie about things like this all the time. But it does feel pretty genuine with Giacchino. 

Just because he had a hit in the director's chair, does not mean he will be any less in demand for his composing work. He is a busy guy, who surely has enough people knocking at his door that he gets to pick and choose what he wants to take on. 

Werewolf by Night was a passion project for the director, and if he isn't itching to jump on Blade, then he isn't going to do it. 

Blade is set to hit theaters on September 6, 2024. 

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