When Will Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 Release? New Update Points to Premiere Window

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Mayor of Kingstown looks to continue its run into Season 3, with a new release update teasing when that new season could come to Paramount+.

Jeremy Renner and Dianne Wiest take the spotlight amongst the cast of Mayor of Kingstown, centered on a fictional town in the business of incarceration as the story highlights themes like systemic racism, corruption, and injustice.

While critics largely panned the first two seasons with average Rotten Tomatoes scores of 35% (Season 1) and 50% (Season 2), fans have been much more complimentary of the show's efforts as a thrilling drama even with its gloomy plot threads.

Mayor of Kingstown Gets Season 3 Update

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Deadline revealed that MTV Entertainment Studios and 101 Studios are expected to move quickly to start production on Season 3 of Mayor of Kingstown now that the SAG-AFTRA strike is officially over as of midnight on Wednesday, November 9.

The question that remains now is when the series will return to Paramount+ after Season 2 ended in March 2023.

For perspective, Mayor of Kingstown's first season started filming in May 2021 and pushed through five months of shooting before its debut in November 2021.

Season 2 then shortened that timeframe with filming taking place between June and October 2022, with new episodes hitting the streaming service in January 2023.

Should production restart before the end of the year, which could now happen with both the writers' and actors' strikes having concluded, the expectation is that filming would run through early next year and wrap in Spring 2024.

Given that timeline, fans should likely expect a Summer 2024 premiere for Season 3, which wouldn't be too surprising considering the first two seasons didn't set a consistent release schedule.

Will Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 Be Ready for Summer 2024?

While the studios involved with Mayor of Kingstown can now get to work officially on Season 3, the biggest question mark lies with the series' leading actor, Jeremy Renner.

At the turn of the new year, Renner was involved in a scary snowplow accident at his Lake Tahoe home, with the MCU star suffering a number of gruesome injuries in the process.

Thankfully, he appears to already be on the mend and looking to get back to work, recovering fairly well from his injuries and bluntly telling fans he'd be back in the MCU "in a heartbeat" if they would take him.

Renner also shared a direct update regarding Mayor of Kingstown on his X page, asking his followers if it "Might be time to start mental preparation for 3" during his recovery process in May:

Additionally, showrunner Hugh Dillon told Deadline in January 2023 that there are "multiple ideas for multiple seasons" on the table for him and partner Taylor Sheridan, with preproduction likely already underway ahead of shooting:

"Taylor and I have multiple ideas for multiple seasons. If everything went according to plan with Paramount+ and the rest of it, I would think that we’d start in August, September, maybe pre-production in the summer."

Hopefully, Renner is moving closer to a clean bill of health nearly a year after his accident, with the crew on this show likely leaning on his inclusion for a continued run of success.

Currently, Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 doesn't have a release timeframe.

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