Marvel Zombies Are Officially Coming to the MCU (Photo)

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What If…? introduced fans to nine alternate animated stories from the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some twists were small, like Peggy Carter taking the Super Soldier Serum, but others vastly changed the course of their respective timelines.

The fifth episode brought the popular Marvel Zombies comic run to two-dimensional life, showcasing what the world would look like if Hank Pym contracted an undead virus and infected the entire world.

While the episode didn’t factor much into the greater What If…? Season 1 storyline, it did receive high praise from fans. For those looking to feed their Marvel Zombies fix, there’s plenty more flesh-eating MCU content on the way.

Marvel Zombies Animated Series Coming to Disney+

They're hungry.

Marvel Studios officially announced a Marvel Zombies animated series set to arrive soon on Disney+. The announcement marks yet another animated original from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and company as they continue to grow the two-dimensional division of Marvel Studios.

The official logo can be seen below:

Marvel Zombies logo


Marvel Studios Expands Animated Branch

While Marvel Zombies is effectively a spin-off of the concept toyed with in Season 1 of What If...?, this project represents much more.

This past summer, it was revealed that What If...? would not be a one-off and that Marvel Studios was planning to create an entire division dedicated to animated content. Between its first effort this fall, the developing I Am Groot series, and newly announced cartoon titles like Spider-Man: Freshman Year and X-Men '97, it's evident that the MCU is making a big investment into its animated branch.

As for the series itself, details are limited on where Marvel Zombies will go. This could be a continuation of the timeline set up in What If...? or could be an entirely new story revolving around the same undead concept. The show also has a major potential live-action tie-in, as rumors have swirled that these flesh-eating Avengers could show face in next year's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

Marvel Zombies is currently in development. 

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