Marvel Studios Makes MCU History With First Israeli Superhero

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Marvel Studios MCU Israeli Superhero

After The Falcon and the Winter Soldier confirmed that Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson is now the one and only Captain America, the character is getting his fourth solo film titled Captain America: New World Order. The movie was announced at San Diego Comic-Con by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

Since New World Order is not set to come out until May 3, 2024, basically nothing is known about the plot. However, there have been some names added to the cast of the upcoming flick, including Tim Blake Nelson as the Leader and Carl Lumbly reprising his role as Isiah Bradley.

Disney's D23 Expo is currently underway, where some more news was revealed by Marvel Studios regarding upcoming projects. New World Order was one of those, and it is actually set to make MCU history with one of its castings.

Shira Haas to Play Sabra in Captain America 4

Shira Haas
Shira Haas

According to The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit via Twitter, Israeli actress Shira Haas will be starring in Captain America: New World Order as a superhero known as Sabra.

This marks the first time that an Israeli superhero will be shown on the big screen, and her character is known for having mutant powers and serving the Israeli Secret Service, also known as the Mossad.

Sabra, Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Who is Sabra?

Sabra is an Israeli superhero whose real name is Ruth Bat-Seraph. The character is actually a mutant, similar to other popular names such as Wolverine, and now the MCU's Ms. Marvel.

In the comics, Sabra had a fairly long history with the Hulk, battling him on more than one occasion. She also formed a close relationship with Charles Xavier and the other Mutants, so Marvel Studios may have plans to keep her around for a while as Mutants become more and more frequent in the MCU.

It is almost impossible to theorize where Sabra will fit into Captain America: New World Order, but she will likely be a welcomed ally when Sam Wilson gets to meet her. As the release date for the film gets closer, more news will surface about Haas and her upcoming role in the franchise.

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February 14, 2025
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