MCU X-Men: Giancarlo Esposito Reveals 3 Traits His Professor X Would Possess

Giancarlo Espocito Professor X
By Sam Hargrave Posted:

Ever since Disney acquired Fox and the rights to the X-Men, MCU fans have been eagerly awaiting the introduction of the mutants. As Marvel Studios begins to plant the first seeds for the MCU's next branch of heroes, the long-awaited X-Men reboot appears to be right around the corner, and fan casting discussion has reached an all-time high.

Among the most popular choices is Giancarlo Esposito, who has famously starred as Breaking Bad's Guss Fring, The Mandalorian's Moff Gideon, and The Boys' Stan Edgar. The actor has long been considered a top choice for several comic book roles, and he's recently opened up about his talks with Marvel Studios.

The Breaking Bad veteran recently revealed he has already had talks about Professor X, Magneto, Doctor Doom, and a role in the Loki Disney+ series. But the actor has his heart set on a theatrical role as the MCU's Charles Xavier, and now, he has opened up about the qualities he would bring to the character. 

Giancarlo Esposito Explains His Dream Professor X

Giancarlo Esposito X-Men

During an appearance at Boston Fan Expo 2022 - via - The Mandalorian actor Giancarlo Esposito explained how he would play Professor X in the MCU.

Esposito explained his interpretation would have "force, grace, and calm," along with the abilities to "control the chaos" and "uplift and inspire:"

“I’d play that character with force, grace, and calm. Someone who controls the chaos, but someone who also has the ability to uplift and inspire.”

The Breaking Bad veteran spoke recently at TJH Superhero Car Show & Comic Con and revealed he has had talks with Marvel Studios for several roles, with Professor X being his top choice.

Reactions to Esposito playing the MCU's Professor X appear largely positive, as @CoolieBK18 called the actor a "damn fine choice" for the role:

"Giancarlo Esposito is a damn fine choice for Charles Xavier, I'd love to see that."

@BrandonNerd92 shared their love for Esposito but noted their belief that "no one can beat Patrick Stewart in the role:"

"Now I love the actor…Giancarlo Esposito is BRILLIANT don’t get me wrong…but no one can beat Patrick Stewart in the role of Professor Xavier I’m sorry! Just no comparison!"

@The_LordX revealed their desire to "see him play a good guy" and how they have been hoping for Esposito to play Xavier since Marvel reacquired the rights:

"This is the casting I've been hoping for since. Marvel got the rights to X-Men back. Esposito would be a perfect choice for Xavier. Sure he would be a good choice for Magneto or Doom as well, but I really want to see him play a good guy."

@admorale86 noted how few actors "bring the gravitas that Esposito embodies" and how he is "precisely what is needed" to bring Xavier to the MCU:

"I tell you now, Giancarlo Esposito would be PERFECT for the role of Professor Charles Xavier. Very few other actors can bring the gravitas that Esposito emobies. His skill as an actor is, on EVERY level, precisely what is needed to bring a tent pole character like X to the screen."

@AuramAlexander similarly noted their love for Esposito but also pointed out how they "don't need him as a major role in every franchise:"

"As much as I love Esposito, I really don't need him as a major role in every franchise. At least Xavier would be something different than 'Gus Fring Variant No. XX' though."

@WlkngCntradctn offered their opinion that "an actual wheelchair user" should tackle the role to begin to "include disability in the discussion of diversity:"

"I’m all for a Black Xavier. But I don’t want Esposito. I want an actual wheelchair user. Time to include disability in the discussion of diversity roles going to actors from the character’s actual community."

Will Giancarlo Esposito Play the MCU's Professor X?

Giancarlo Esposito has clearly been in active talks with Marvel Studios for several years now, having already been considered for a role in the Loki Disney+ series. Now, the actor appears to have set his sights on joining the X-Men, with Professor X and Magneto both being in the conversation, although the mutant leader is clearly his top choice.

The Breaking Bad actor has yet to be formally cast as any character, otherwise, he probably wouldn't be quite as open about his talks and hopes. But based on his description of his ideal Professor X, Esposito demonstrated a real understanding of the character and dedication to pursuing the role, so perhaps it may be on the table.

Recently, Esposito has proven himself to be among the most talented actors working today, having taken on major roles in The MandalorianBreaking BadBetter Call Saul, and The Boys​​​​​​. His involvement in the Star Wars saga clearly shows his willingness to be involved with major franchises on top of a strong relationship with Disney, opening the doors to a major long-term MCU tenure.

Nonetheless, many are bound to take issue with the change Esposito would bring to Professor X, as switching the character from white to Black would undoubtedly prove controversial. However, reactions on social media appear to be rather positive, which will only help Esposito's dream role become a reality in the coming years.

With Charles Xavier comes Erik Lensherr, so Marvel Studios would have a tough task casting the right Magneto to play opposite Esposito. Among the most popular choices is Harry Potter's Jason Isaacs, who is only a few years younger than Esposito, has Jewish origin like Magneto, and could clearly pull off the role to perfection.

Marvel Studios has yet to officially announce its X-Men reboot for the MCU, but reports indicate the project is working under the title of The Mutants.