Marvel Studios Hires Harley Quinn Artist as Director For Upcoming Project

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What If...? was a big deal when it was announced. The show was set to be the first animated venture by Marvel Studios, one that would also be within the franchise's continuity.

It was certainly a lot to take in, and many didn't know what to expect. Jump to today, and the world has newly beloved characters such as Hayley Atwell's Captain Carter or the late Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa Star-Lord. It's safe to say that the risk was a success.

To that point,  it's been revealed that more animated shows are on the way from the studio. In fact, it seems that Marvel hired talent from DC's Harley Quinn to help out with at least one of them.

Harley Quinn Artist Boards the Marvel Studios Train

Harley Quinn DC Show

Harley Quinn artist Liza Singer has been hired as a director over at Marvel Studios.

Singer officially shared her excitement, saying that "[she's] feeling just incredibly excited:"

"I'm so excited to share that I'm starting a new journey today as a Director over at Marvel Studios! It's going to be an awesome and special team and I'm feeling just incredibly excited :) "

Singer's past experience includes being an artist on the animated Harley Quinn show over on HBO Max as well as Netflix's Disenchantment. As a result, Singer was likely hired to work on one of the upcoming animated projects that Marvel Studios has in the works.

Harley Quinn is the Answer

While DC Animated projects such as HBO Max's Harley Quinn have been commonplace for a long time, Marvel hasn't had quite the same track record in that arena. Thanks to What If...?, it looks like that competition is set to heat up big time.

There's no clue as to what the project may entail; all everyone knows is that it's likely completely separate from What If...?. Could this project be based on an existing character? Maybe it's an entry point for something new entirely. 

Fans will have to wait to find out. There is always the chance that Singer was hired to work on I Am Groot, which was confirmed to be animated some time ago. 

Sadly, fans will likely have to wait quite a while for concrete answers. Until then, they can tune into What If..? every Wednesday to keep up to date––the next installment is set to show how a multiversal attacking Ultron came to be.

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