Marvel Studios Reportedly Adds Man Thing to Werewolf By Night

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Marvel Studios, Man-Thing

Back when Black Widow had already started filming, the world still didn’t know it existed. In fact, Marvel Studios continued to ignore its existence even when set photos came out. Now a similar situation is happening with the upcoming special Werewolf by MidnightWhile it may not have that name by the time it airs, the Halloween special is said to be set for release later this year.

Yet, Marvel Studios has still not officially acknowledged the project. Long-time MCU composer Michael Giacchino is even supposedly already set to direct.

In fact, he may have already directed it. The special had a short filming schedule for production and based on word of when it started, it might already be in the can (post-production not factored in).

While fans patiently wait to meet the furry beast, it now looks like another monster is set to join Werewolf later this year: Man-Thing.

Werewolf By Night Gets Another Monster in Man-Thing

According to a rumor from insider Lizzie Hill at the Cosmic Circus, fans should get ready to meet a new monster in the MCU. Its name? Man-Thing.

The creature, while once human, is a seemingly mindless being with much more to it than meets the eye. In the comics, he also happens to be guarding a swamp that doubles as the Nexus of All Realities and has a portal connecting multiple dimensions.

Marvel, Man-Thing
Marvel Studios

She mentioned that her sources indicate the character will make a cameo appearance in the upcoming Werewolf by Midnight Halloween special on Disney+.

Hill also noted that both Werewolf and Man-Thing seem to be brought to life thanks to at least partial practical effects––including some animatronic work.

Interestingly enough, she also pointed out how a report by After Hours Media also uncovered evidence that Marvel Studios is working with Halloween Horror Night, potentially for an attraction featuring the IP during one of its annual festive events.

Marvel Studios Embraces Halloween

For those who don’t know Man-Thing, the swamp creature used to be a man named Dr. Ted Sallis. While trying to protect a version of the super-soldier serum from getting into the wrong hands, Sallis ended up taking it for himself—and promptly got into an accident in the swamp right after. It was all history from there.

It would make sense if this is true. Recently it was reported that a Man-Thing Halloween special was being developed. Now, this could have been confused for Werewolf, or a sign that Man-Thing’s potential cameo is a set-up for next year’s Halloween MCU special focused entirely on him instead.

But what’s its role in the Disney+ holiday outing? With it being a cameo, it’s hard to imagine it being too substantial—besides simply being a cameo to tease the future. Maybe Man-Thing will be involved with the rumored Blade appearance? After all, he is a fellow Midnight Sons member

Werewolf By Midnight is rumored for a debut on Disney+ later this year

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