Marvel Studios' Anime Plans Teased In New Listing

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Marvel Studios Anime

Ever since its launch, Disney+ has been packed with an assortment of content ranging from teen comedies to blockbuster-scale trips into the Marvel and Star Wars universes. 

Recent months saw the streaming service release one of its most distinct projects yet with Star Wars: Visions, an anime anthology series with each episode developed by a different studio and following its own characters.

By all accounts, the anime venture appears to have been a hit for Disney with the series of shorts attracting great popularity and critical acclaim. With the potential of anime now proven, some have speculated it won't be too long until Marvel Studios dives into the anime style.

Granted, it wouldn't be Marvel's first attempt at utilizing the medium, as past anime projects released from 2010 to 2017 have included Iron ManWolverineBladeX-MenDisk Wars: The Avengers, and Future Avengers​​​​​.

With What If...? having proven to be a success for the streaming service, Marvel Studios is already confirmed to be developing more animated projects and recent evidence seems to indicate one may utilize the popular Japanese style.

Marvel Studios Developing Anime Project

Marvel Studios Animated

As discovered by The Cosmic Circus, Marvel Studios appears to be preparing an expansion into the world of anime based on a recent job listing.

Following an increase in the studio's recruitment for animated projects, Marvel Studios Animation is currently hiring an FX Designer who has "strong knowledge of 2D animation principles and familiarity with high-end anime 2DFX style."

While the focus of the listing is on 2D animation, experience with 3D software is considered to be a bonus, suggesting whoever takes the position will also be taking on more traditional styles, such as that showcased in What If...?​​​​​​.

Marvel Studios' Visions?

With the insane popularity and fan base the anime style has accrued over the years, it isn't awfully surprising to hear Marvel Studios looking to dive in, especially after the great success of Star Wars: Visions.

So far, Marvel Studios' only animated venture What If...? took full advantage of the multiverse, so it remains unclear if future projects may take place in the main timeline, or if they will explore alternate realities not possible in live-action.

It's hard to imagine what Marvel project could suit the anime style, but one obvious option is Big Hero 6, a team of heroes who previously starred in a popular 2014 animated movie and sequel series, which curiously concluded in early 2021.

Given the main character's half Japanese background and the central city of San Fransokyo's Tokyo inspiration, perhaps this team could be a solid fit for an anime project. After all, it's hard to imagine Big Hero 6 fitting into the live-action MCU, meaning an anime series could be a better choice.

Whatever Marvel Studios has planned will be sure to take the anime world by storm whenever it comes to fruition. For now, animation enthusiasts can stream all nine episodes of What If...?, exclusively on Disney+.

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