Marvel Studios Reportedly Has Over 20 Unannounced MCU Projects In the Works

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Marvel Studios MCU Phase 4 Characters

After 13 years, 27 movies, and five Disney+ series, the MCU is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon as the world continues to grow faster than ever. As blockbuster event movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home swing into theaters and series like Hawkeye excel on Disney+, fans are always looking to the future to speculate on what is coming next.

For now, the studio has a theatrical release slate up until mid-2023, but Marvel always has plenty of tricks up its sleeves behind the scenes.

Between Disney's acquisition of Fox and its continuing partnership with Sony, Marvel Studios now appears to be in a position to develop projects based on the significant majority of its heroic catalog. Many are already highly anticipating projects centered around the X-Men, Wolverine, Nova, and plenty more fan-favorites who remain absent from the ever-growing Marvel world.

As speculation continues as to what Marvel Studios may have in development behind the scenes, a new rumor has suggested there may be significantly more going on than many would expect. 

How Many Unannounced Marvel Movies & Shows Are There?

Marvel Studios Avengers

In a recent tweet, Murphy's Multiverse's own Charles Murphy revealed that he's discovered evidence of eight new unannounced projects in development at Marvel Studios.

Murphy subsequently confirmed this raises the number of unnamed projects he is aware of to 21 - on top of the 22 already announced upcoming films and series.

While these are all at various different stages of development, the insider described that they are all beyond the ideas stage and some substantial work has been done.

In response to speculation from a follower, Murphy confirmed none of the projects will be Spider-Man-related as any wall-crawler films or series are considered Sony projects.

What is Marvel Studios Hiding?

Between the announced and unannounced, Marvel Studios seemingly has at least 43 projects currently in various stages of development - almost double that of the entire Infinity Saga - with more going into development all the time

These projects are bound to take a wide variety of forms including big-screen blockbusters, animated series, seasonal specials, and shorts. They will undoubtedly also provide a mix of sequels and follow-ups for existing characters as well as debuts for new heroes.

Among this expansive list will almost certainly be the long-awaited debuts of many highly-requested Marvel heroes including the X-Men, Thunderbolts, Nova, Captain Britain, and more.

As Marvel Studios continues to power through its already announced Phase 4 slate, perhaps more films and series will be announced next year. San Diego Comic-Con takes place from July 21-24, 2022, while Disney's D23 event will return from September 8-11, 2022, both of which are bound to be packed with MCU announcements.

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