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The Direct Podcast Episode 16




Strap In... Because this is a long one. And guess what... This is a full-blown MCU episode.

This week offers us our first MCU review as we take a look at the debut two episodes of WandaVision. We dive into the style, the tone, the story, and what we can expect from the series moving forward.

We also welcome on a very special guest:'s own Brandon Davis joins us to talk about the Phase Zero podcast, the release slate of 2021 movies & shows, and his thoughts on The Mandalorian Season 2.

BD also joins us for our biggest draft yet as we select our most anticipated MCU projects! Find out what we are most excited about in the MCU moving forward.


5:25 - Sizzle Reel

6:55 - Chris Evans Return Rumors

18:16 - The Return of the MCU

24:42 - WandaVision Review

1:09:45 - WandaVision LINES THAT MATTER!

1:36:50 - Brandon Davis Interview

1:46:21 - Direct Draft: Most Anticipate MCU Projects

2:10:19 - Weekly Recs

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