Hamilton Actor Hypes Up 'Crazy' New Marvel Role

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Ironheart Marvel Anthony Ramos Filming

As Marvel Studios continues their run on Disney+, Ironheart is the name on the tip of many tongues right now. The series focuses on Riri Williams (played by Dominique Thorne), an aspiring MIT student who takes on the legacy of Tony Stark, developing her own version of the Iron Man armor. There is no public release date as of yet for the streaming project, but many believe it is a part of Marvel Studios'  2023 Disney+ slate

And Thorne will not be alone in the upcoming show. Alongside the Judas and the Black Messiah actress will be Solo: A Star Wars Story star Alden Ehrenreich and Hamilton stage actor Anthony Ramos. It is unknown who Ehrenreich and Ramos will be playing as of yet, but with filming currently taking place, it should only be a matter of time before fans begin to find out who these actors will be bringing to life. 

With principal photography well underway for Ironheart, it seems its stars are slowly starting to make their way on set, or at least that is if one believes the social media postings of one Anthony Ramos.

Anthony Ramos Gives His Ironheart Thoughts

Anthony Ramos, Iron Man, Ironheart

During an Instagram live streamIronheart star Anthony Ramos shared his thoughts on the upcoming Disney show. 

Upon concluding his first day of shooting on the MCU project, Ramos confirmed he had just had his "first day [on Ironheart]," talking up his Marvel role by saying "Shit [is] about to be crazy:"

"We started shooting Marvel… shit fire. Yesterday was my first day. It went well. Shit about to be crazy.”

See the full video below:

Let The Ironheart Hype Commence

It is not unusual for actors to hype up their projects both when they are in the middle of production and leading up to release, but Anthony Ramos sounds particularly enthused when talking about Ironheart​​​​​​.

Of course, all that could very easily be accredited to the fact that this is the actor's first time working on something on the scale of a Marvel project. But coming from someone who has been closely involved in big-budget Hollywood and Broadway musicals, that is likely not the case. Ramos' reaction is likely a genuine one. His excitement about joining this universe is palpable. 

But that still does not answer the question about who he is playing. If the actor is so amped up about his time so far on the project, perhaps he is playing someone of importance. It might sound crazy now, but what if someone like Ramos were to play a role that will be a part of the MCU for years to come? Maybe - now that they are officially a part of the franchise - a mutant of some sort? 

Well, right now, it is anyone's guess as to who Ramos will be portraying as a part of Marvel Studios' blockbuster franchise. For now, all fans can do is wait until Ironheart debuts on Disney+ sometime in 2023.

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