Harry Styles' Deleted Marvel Scene Teased In New Eternals Photo

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Eternals Harry Styles Eros Deleted Scene Costume

While the Eternals premiere may be in the rearview at this point, there is still plenty of meat on the Chloe Zhao-directed bone to chew on. 

The time-spanning Marvel epic hit theaters a mere three weeks ago and has been the talk of the town since. Following a group of eternal warriors sent to Earth to protect its population from the dastardly Deviants, the film has received mixed reviews but is performing well at the box office. 

One thing that has been praised, however, has been the introduction of a new hero to the Marvel universe: Harry Styles' Eros. The brother of Thanos was only included in a brief post-credits scene with a group of Eternals on a journey to explore the cosmos, but he made his presence felt nonetheless.

Styles' inclusion in the film was "mostly" kept a secret, which is shocking because he may have had a bigger role in the story than what came to the silver screen. 

Eros May Have Been Elsewhere in Eternals

According to a new photo posted on Sprite actress Lia Mchugh's Instagram account, Harry Styles' Eros (Starfox) may have been initially included in the opening scene from Eternals in the Domo. 

Harry Styles Lia McHugh Instagram Domo

The robes the three actors are wearing in the photo closely resemble those of the team in the opening sequence of the film. 

Eternals Domo Wide Shot
Marvel Studios

The entire cast of Eternals sport these costumes, although it appears that Harry Styles did not make it into the final cut.

Eternals Domo Uniform
Marvel Studios


Harry Styles' Seat at the Table

An additional scene featuring Starfox has been talked about by the cast of Eternals, and this seems to be evidence of that. Not much is known about the cut scene, but taking a look at this photo, it likely would have been from the sequence at the beginning of the film aboard the Domo. 

Why this scene was ultimately cut is anyone's guess, but the most obvious answer can be seen when looking at the mid-credits stinger. Why would Marvel include a character at the beginning of the movie only to truly unveil him at the end of that very same movie? 

One reason behind this is that Eternals could have had a different post-credits sequence lined up. With COVID-related delays and what seems to have been a bit of a bumpy production for the Chloe Zhao epic, it would not be surprising to think that the project once looked a little different. 

No matter how he was introduced, Harry Styles is now a part of the MCU and he is just getting started. 

Eternals is in theaters worldwide now. 

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