New Eternals Photos Reveal Best Look at Harry Styles' Marvel Costume

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Harry Styles, Gemma Chan, Eternals

After a lengthy run in theaters, Eternals is now available to stream on Disney+. Director Chloé Zhao took the MCU in a different direction, introducing a group of 10 heroes with diverse powers. The film centered around the team's creation and history, as well as their centuries-long task of protecting Earth from creatures known as Deviants. During one of the movie's post-credit scenes, singer and actor Harry Styles made his shocking debut into the world of Marvel.

Patton Oswalt's Pip the Troll popped into the Eternals' ship to greet Angelina Jolie's Thena, Barry Keoghan's Druig, and Lauren Ridloff's Makkari. Pip then went through a lengthy list of titles, which included "Brother of Thanos," before Styles' character revealed himself to viewers for the first time.

The character was revealed to be no other than Eros, who also goes by Starfox. He then told the trio of Eternals that he knew what had happened to their friends and offered his help, setting up a future project or perhaps even an Eternals sequel.

Due to Styles only being on-screen for a brief moment, many viewers didn't get to see him in the capacity that they wished. One actor from Eternals recently revealed some behind-the-scenes images, with a few of them offering clear looks at Styles in costume.

Harry Styles in Full Eros Attire

Harry Styles, Eros, Eternals
Marvel Studios

Gemma Chan, the actress who portrayed Sersi in Eternals, recently shared a slew of behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram, showing her experience with different actors and crew members from when the movie was filming.

Two of the photos displayed herself alongside Harry Styles, with both of them in full costume.

Gemma Chan, Harry Styles
@gemmachan on Instagram

The photos offer the best look that fans have gotten of Styles' Eros costume, with the full-body pictures showcasing the red, silver, and gold outfit he was wearing in the post-credits scene.

Gemma Chan, Harry Styles
@gemmachan on Instagram

Styles stole the show with his introduction as the "Brother of Thanos" at the end of the film and has since been the talk of the town, with fans wondering where the character will be taken in the future.

Harry Styles' MCU Future

Eternals has been Marvel Studios' most polarizing film to date. Both critics and fans alike have either adored the movie, or considered it to be near the bottom of the MCU.

However, one aspect of the film that many viewers can agree was done right was Harry Styles' introduction into the franchise. Pip the Troll's list of titles was the perfect tease for what can be expected from Styles' Eros in the future, and with him telling the remaining Eternals that he knows what happened to their friends, it sets up the perfect sequel.

Styles' next appearance in the interconnected universe will more than likely be in a few years when that sequel is announced, but a quick appearance in another project can't be ruled out. Marvel Studios has had characters show up in movies before that fans could never have expected, and with how well Styles was received at the end of Eternals, the studio will surely jump on the chance to flesh out his character as much as they can.

Eternals is streaming now on Disney+.

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