New Details on Harry Styles’ Deleted Marvel Eternals Scene Revealed

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Some new details have been revealed regarding Harry Styles’ cut scene from 2021’s Eternals.

Styles’ addition to the MCU was a surprise to many fans when it was first revealed. His character, Eros, and his terrible CGI buddy Pip teleported onto the Domo at the end of the movie with promises of knowing how to find the group’s kidnapped friends.

However, previously, it’s been revealed that Eros was once involved with a completely different scene in the movie. While not many details are known about it, at the very least, it involved Ikaris and Sprite.

Now, thanks to one of Eternals' leading stars, fans have learned some more information regarding what could have been.

More Details on Eros’ Cut Scene

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In a discussion with Josh Horowitz during an on-stage taping of his Happy Sad Confused Podcast, Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani revealed some new details about a deleted scene that involved Harry Styles’ Eros.

When asked if Nanjiani knew that the musician was set to play a role in the film, he revealed how he had heard rumblings but “thought it was bullshit:”

“I started hearing rumblings of it here and there, and I thought it was bullshit. I was like, ‘The guy from One Direction? No way.’ Then you show up to work one day, and there’s gorgeous Harry Styles. ‘Hey, mate!’ I’m like, ‘Hey, what are you doing here, man?’ We actually shot a different scene with Harry Styles because the ending now, my character is not in that scene. But we shot a version where I was with him. And it was a very… it was a different sort of post-credit sequence.”

As for what happens in the alternate post-credit sequence, Nanjiani’s Kingo never really interacted with Eros—though they both “made eyes at each other from afar:”

“We didn’t… We don’t really– we didn’t really talk. We just sort of like made eyes at each other from afar. No, it was sort of… I don’t know if I’m allowed to say…”

When pressed for more details, the star joked that Horowitz was “gonna get [him] in trouble:”

“You’re gonna get me in trouble. No, it was a completely different, completely different– And how many people saw Eternals? … Oh wow, most people saw it. Okay.”

As for Kingo's future in the MCU, the star legitimately has no idea what's on the way:

“... I genuinely do not know if my character is going to come back at all. I would love to come back and do it. But I genuinely, genuinely, genuinely don’t know… I would love to go back and do it again.”

The Truth Behind Harry Styles' Cut Eternals Scene

So, what’s the full picture behind this mysterious scene?

Well, director Chloé Zhao did reveal in a past interview that she once gave the film a far different ending. One where the entire group would have had their memories reset and been sent off to another planet.

According to her, it was too bleak—many fans are likely inclined to agree with her.

Other set photos, like the previously mentioned ones with Ikaris and Sprite, seem to hint that it could have taken place at the very beginning of the movie.

This would make sense since, if Nanjiani was with Harry Styles’ Eros, it would have had to be at the very start of the film. That, or it would have been part of a completely alternate ending.

Despite the initial reaction to Eternals, which wasn’t all too great, many are hoping to see those characters again sooner rather than later. The movie has plenty of dangling plot threads that audiences are looking to see resolved.

Hopefully, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige wasn’t lying when he said that they have every intention of bringing back Styles’ Eros and continuing his story.

Eternals is now streaming on Disney+.

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