Marvel Reveals Chris Pratt's MCU Replacement Actor In New Episode of What If

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What If...? just aired its second episode, which featured Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa, aka, the legendary Star-Lord, taking things down a different path than what audiences have followed in the live-action MCU films. 

At the end of the episode, viewers get a glimpse as to where this Peter Quill ended up. The answer? Dairy Queen, of course. Not only that, but in the closing seconds, he received an unlikely visit from his living planet of a father.

Sadly, the episode decided it wanted to leave fans with that cliffhanger; one which may not even be resolved in the future due to the unfortunate circumstances when it comes to Chadwick Boseman's role in this universe.

While Peter Quill didn't say much, what he did say was enough for fans to realize that the show did not in fact get Chris Pratt back for the character's voice. If not him, then who?


What If...?, MCU, Marvel, Star-Lord

As with some other big cast members, Chris Pratt was on the list of no-shows for What If...?. Instead, Marvel revealed that actor Brian T. Delaney was brought in to voice Peter Quill in this alternate timeline.

Delaney hasn't done many big projects, having voiced roles such as the male players' voice in Fallout 4 and Saint 14 in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. His biggest work, aside from What If...?, seems to be the upcoming Justice: Gods Among Us the Movie, where he voices Green Lantern.

Delaney can be seen in the photo below.

What If...?, MCU, Marvel, Star-Lord



Marvel, What If...?, MCU, Star-Lord

It's not surprising Marvel didn't get Chris Pratt back for this episode of What If...?; after all, Quill only says one line of dialogue. Who knows what role the character might play in future episodes, so maybe Brian T. Delaney scored a bigger part than fans think.

Either way, Quill's story coming out of What If...?'s second episode is one many would probably love to see unfold in a future episode. Even more than that, watching T'Challa, Thanos, and the rest of this new Ravagers crew save the world from Ego and Quill would make for quite an entertaining tale.

While the likelihood of that coming to fruition in the future is pretty slim, anything could happen with a show like What If...? existing.

As for T'Challa's Star-Lord, fans will likely see him again in an upcoming episode of the show, as there have been many signs that a multiverse Avengers-level team-up is set to take the stage at some point this season. The scenario? Well, it's probably the one where Ultron wins.

Fans can watch Marvel Studios' What If...? every Wednesday, streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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