Marvel Chief Claims Tom Hiddleston Carries Every Scene of Loki Disney+ Series

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Loki Disney+

Marvel Studios is about to embark on the biggest year of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its inception in 2008. Should everything go according to plan, the series will be expanded with three new theatrical franchises, the third untitled Spider-Man movie , and six upcoming Disney+ shows featuring both new heroes and MCU regulars alike.

One of the continuations from the Infinity Saga announced last year will come with Loki , which will follow Tom Hiddleston’s fan-favorite anti-hero directly after his 2012 reality version stole the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame . The first trailer for this Disney+ series teased a wild adventure for the God of Mischief as he travels through space, time, and possibly alternate realities.

Although Loki won’t release until spring 2021, the hype is already building for its debut, now coming straight from the top of Marvel Studios.


In a recent article from the Emmy Magazine , Marvel CCO Kevin Feige gave a small tease about starring actor Tom Hiddleston’s brilliance in the upcoming Loki series premiering on Disney+ in May 2021. He was cryptic about the plot and format, but he heaped praise on Hiddleston, saying “Turning a whole show over to Tom has been a revelation. He carries every scene.”

He followed up giving insight into the dynamic between Hiddleston and co-star Owen Wilson performing lengthy scenes from the script written by Rick and Morty scribe Michael Waldron:

“Seeing Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson sitting across the table from each other doing fifteen pages of dialogue is amazing.”


Tom Hiddleston turned the role of Loki into one of the most popular villains/anti-heroes worldwide after he debuted in 2011’s Thor , and he has been flexible and malleable as his role has changed through five MCU appearances. The Loki series will come as his first lead billing in the franchise, and Feige clearly has every ounce of faith that Hiddleston will shine as brilliantly as he has for the past decade.

Owen Wilson has been one of the hottest topics of discussion for this series since he was announced as a cast member nearly a year ago, especially helping to bring the Time Variance Authority into reality. His interaction with Loki in the trailer is already hinted at compelling banter, and Feige’s teases should mean something truly special as Loki and the TVA enter the fray together.

The format and flow of this series is still a mystery, although the trailer teases Loki using his skills once again to fit into multiple unique situations through world history. Coming as a direct spin-off from Avengers: Endgame and having the potential to tie into both the Doctor Strange and Thor sequels, all signs point to the God of Mischief continuing as a major player in Phase 4. All of this comes along with the recent rumor that Jonathan Majors' Kang The Conqueror would make his debut in this series as well, making for an adventure of epic proportions.

Loki will premiere on Disney+ in May 2021.

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