First Look at Man of Steel Villain's Return In The Flash Movie (Photos)

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Michael Shannon's General Zod isn't the only Man of Steel villain returning for The Flash, and new photos offered DCU fans a first look at this baddie's Multiversal comeback.  

While marketing for the Ezra Miller-led film hasn't exactly kept its various DC cameos a secret, specifically Michael Keaton's return as Batman, a certain Zack Snyder villain has largely been kept in the shadows. 

Photos Reveal Returning Man of Steel Villain

Actress Antje Traue, who played Faora-UI in 2013's Man of Steel, posted photos of herself in hair and makeup for her upcoming role in The Flash

Antje Trau filming The Flash movie in mo-cap suit

In the Zack Snyder film, Faora is a Kryptonian warrior and General Zod's loyal right-hand lieutenant, as well as one of the film's primary villains. 

Antje Trau in Man of Steel

Trau's role in The Flash was first confirmed in late 2021 alongside news of Michael Shannon's reprisal as Zod. 

Antje Trau The Flash

But even though fans have seen next to nothing of her character in the upcoming film, Trau's photos do offer a small preview, as well as a glimpse at the top of her costume. 

Antje Trau behind the scenes of The Flash

Who Is Antje Trau's Faora in The Flash?

Even though many assumed she didn't survive the events of Man of Steel, Zack Snyder claims Faora is still alive and trapped in the Phantom Zone.   

However, fans shouldn't expect a continuation of that 2013 tale. 

Since The Flash is a time-traveling Multiverse film, all bets are off in terms of what's happened, what will happen, and whether Trau is playing the same Faora-UI or an alternate version of the Kryptonian antagonist. 

Also, since The Flash is confirmed to involve Sasha Calle's Supergirl instead of Henry Cavill's Superman, it will be interesting to see if this super-swap has any influence on Faora and her story. 

The Flash arrives in theaters on Friday, June 16.

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