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Finding ways to integrate the fantastical and godlike heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a crown jewel of Marvel Studios storytelling. Characters like Thor, Loki, and the Eternals have all become parts of the everyday lives in MCU-616. Having characters like this being a part of the in-world lexicon has expanded the opportunities for one of the superhero movie genre's greatest assets... Easter eggs. 

After nearly 15 years of movies and streaming series, the MCU has created lore that runs as deep as any movie franchise. Let alone the established lore of over 80 years of Marvel Comics. Easter eggs have become a staple of the MCU with virtually every frame presenting opportunities for hidden details.  

With 28 movies and 6 series in the books, fans spend the majority of their time watching MCU projects leaned forward in their seats. Easter eggs can appear at any moment within lines of dialogue, iconic comic book locations, and especially within the set, which continues to be the case with the latest story in development.

King Appears on Loki Season 2 Set

A newly-leaked set photo, via Reddit, confirmed that Loki Season 2 will feature an in-world poster of "The Great" Kingo. The poster is for a movie starring Kumail Nanjiani's Kingo, an actor whose family has been the most famous in Hollywood for decades. 

Kingo, Loki

It was revealed in Eternals that this long lineage of Bollywood stars has actually just been Kingo living his immortal life as a family of actors. This meant that every descendent of Kingo was actually just Nanjiani's Kingo being the next great movie star. 

The poster on the set of Loki Season 2 is reminiscent of the posters Kingo keeps on his private jet. 

Kingo, Eternals
Marvel Studios

This is a set photo from Loki Season 2 being filmed outside the Noël Coward Theatre in London, indicating that despite both Kingo and Loki being cosmic-based characters, Loki will find himself back on Earth and in the 1970s in Season 2.

The Legend of Kingo Lives On

Kingo, Eternals
Marvel Studios

When it was revealed that the Eternals had been living amongst humans on Earth for centuries, many questions were raised. One of the biggest questions is, what have the Eternals been doing this entire time? Some took jobs and moved their way around the world. Others decided to move away into solitude and hide away from the humans they once protected. 

Kingo took a different route in stepping into the limelight and creating an imaginary line of Bollywood superstars. It has already been referenced in the MCU in Ms. Marvel, with Kamala and Kamran debating the hierarchy of Bollywood acting. Another organic and seamless integration of one MCU project into another. 

Interestingly, this poster will be appearing in Season 2 of LokiKingo mentions in Eternals that he and Thor know each other in that Thor used to be a massive fan of his. This implies that Loki might also know the great Bollywood actor Eternal. If Loki finds himself in London seeing Kingo on a poster, will he be looking at an old friend?

These Easter eggs bring the Marvel Cinematic Universe together in a woven tapestry of comic book movie nerds leaning forward like the Leonardo DiCaprio gif. Loki Season 2 will expand the legend of Kingo while also expanding the MCU connectivity. 

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