Marvel Just Teased Loki's Romance With Scarlet Witch

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Loki Wanda Romance

Marvel just teased a potential Loki and Scarlet Witch romance thanks to a new comic cover. 

While the world of comics is no stranger to swinging for the fences, DC and Marvel have both been on their controversial A-game throughout 2023.

Earlier this year, DC turned heads when it revealed the iconic Batman villain Joker was pregnant on the comic page, quickly becoming the fascination of comic fans online. 

And on the Marvel side, the red brand has been a hot topic in the comic book discourse after killing off fan-favorite Inhuman Kamala Kahn (aka Ms. Marvel).

The God and Witch Get Together

Loki Wanda Love
Marvel Comics

As announced by Marvel Comics, a romance between Loki and Scarlet Witch is seemingly about to be set up on the comics' page. 

A new cover by Russell Dauterman for Scarlet Witch #8 sees the two about to lock lips, with the splash text "MISCHIEF AND CHAOS COLLIDE!" splayed above them. 

Not much else is currently known about the potential connection between the two. However, along with the comic book cover, Marvel did tweet, "This September, Wanda and Loki fall under each other’s spell:

"God vs. Witch! This September, Wanda and Loki fall under each other’s spell as mischief and chaos collide in 'Scarlet Witch' #8."

This also comes a few months after a recent Scarlet Witch comic run introduced Kat Dennings' version of Dr. Darcy Lewis who most recently appeared in WandaVision and Thor: Love and Thunder.

Are Loki and Wanda About to Hook Up?

At present, it certainly looks as though Wanda Maximoff and Loki are about to be the 'it' couple of fall 2023. 

While the pair have taken a romantic interest in a number of other characters in the comics before (most notably Vision for Wanda), the two have never been intertwined quite in that way before. 

And fans may not be ready for what is about to be unleashed if the pair actually couple up. 

The mix of Loki's mischievous and conniving nature, along with Scarlet Witch's propensity for chaos and (at times) universe-altering destructive magic, could prove to be a power-keg the likes of which the Marvel Comics universe has never seen before. 

Although, all this worry could be for naught, as fans don't actually know if romance is on the cards for the two. 

It is notable that Marvel described the upcoming storyline as "God vs. Witch!" not God & Witch. This makes it sound like the pair will be going up against each other rather than going out with each other. 

But perhaps, both could be true with some destructive one-upmanship mixed into a flirtatious to and fro, with Wanda trying to stop the God of Mischief, but also trying to court him. 

Scarlet Witch #8 hits comic book stores on September 8.

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