Loki: Why Miss Minutes Never Got a Real Body from Victor Timely

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Miss Minutes from Loki

Loki Season 2 addressed He Who Remains' refusal to give Miss Minutes a body.

Voiced by Tara Strong, the animation mascot debuted in Season 1 as a creation of Jonathan Majors' Kang Variant who observed and assisted the TVA while also spreading its propaganda message of the Time-Keepers.

After her role in Loki Season 2, Miss Minutes is expected to return next year in Deadpool 3 alongside the TVA and Owen Wilson's Mobius.

Loki's Kang Limited Miss Minutes in a Major Way

Miss Minutes in Loki Season 2
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Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 3 of Loki.

Loki Season 2, Episode 3 included a conversation between Jonathan Majors' Victor Timely and Tara Strong's Miss Minutes, during which she revealed He Who Remains' aversion to granting her an actual body.

Loki, Victor Timely
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Miss Minutes explained how He Who Remains created her "long before the TVA or a Multiversal war" as a simple companion to "play chess with" before he realized her potential to become something more.

Miss Minutes in Loki Season 2
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It was then that the Kang Variant granted her "autonomy to write [her] own programming" through which she could "have wants and follow whims" to essentially become her own individual.

Jonathan Majors as Victor Timely in Loki Season 2
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She then explained how they spent "eons (billions of years) after" the Multiversal war together and became "more than friends," but he would still never allow her to have a real body:

“More than friends. The war, the TVA, the eons after. I alone, was by your side. But there was one whim you never allowed me. Why didn’t you allow me a real body?”

Miss Minutes as a mannequin in Loki Season 2
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After Miss Minutes noted how they could "truly lead together" if she had a body, the old-fashioned Victor Timely dismissed the idea as something he, unfortunately, "[doesn't] know how to do."

However, the TVA interface noted how He Who Remains always "kept [her] as [his] thing" and "never even tried" to give her a body, despite his ability to. It was here she reaffirmed her romantic feelings toward the Kang Variants, adding how she could have been "[his] girl" before Timely turned her off:

“You never even tried. With all your powers and all your abilities, you just kept me as your thing. Your computer, your toy. Instead of what I could have been: your girl… Victor, what are you doing? Put that down. Don’t do this! We’re a team. You need me! I love you!”

Last year, Marvel's Loki: The Art of the Series book revealed many concept art designs for Miss Minutes, one of which granted her a form that appeared far closer to that of a human woman.

Loki, Miss Minutes, Concept Art
Marvel Studios

The design likely still would have seen Miss Minutes appear in her familiar hologram form but perhaps with a look far similar to the body she always craved.

Loki, Miss Minutes, Concept Art
Marvel Studios

Why He Who Remains Wouldn't Give Miss Minutes a Body

All of the MCU's Kang Variants so far have had a running desire to lead alone and remain independent, which may explain He Who Remains' refusal to grant Miss Minutes a body and keep her only a virtual interface.

It appears He Who Remains was never looking for someone to rule alongside but rather only a tool to do his bidding, both at the TVA and the End of Time.

Past episodes teased a history between the TVA-ruling Kang Variant and Ravonna Renslayer, whom Miss Minutes clearly appeared to be jealous of based on her fear Victor Timely "liked Ravonna better than [her]."

If Ravonna and the Kang Variant shared a romance as they have done in Marvel Comics, perhaps He Who Remains was looking to limit Miss Minutes to prevent her from hurting his partner in an act of lust and jealousy. 

As Miss Minutes was a creation from He Who Remains' own mind who was granted full autonomy, he may have even seen the potential for her to become a threat to him or others down the line if she was given a physical body.

He may see the lack of a body as an advantage for Miss Minutes, as her digital hologram presence was what allowed her to disappear and reappear across time and space, which might be tougher with a physical form to transport.

But based on some of the crazy acts the TVA interface has committed so far across both seasons of Loki, it may be for the best she is limited by a lack of body.

The first three episodes of Loki Season 2 are streaming now on Disney+.

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