Loki: Deleted 'Kang' Scenes From Finale Revealed

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Disney+ is the gift that keeps on giving to fans of the MCU. 

Marvel Studios' Disney+ series like WandaVisionThe Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and now Loki haven't only provided fans with weekly doses of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but also allowed the studio to explore long-form storytelling and to further develop its roster of characters.

In addition, Marvel also launched Assembled — a documentary series that adds a new hour-long episode following each of the MCU's Disney+ series season finales. 

Now that Loki's first season concluded on July 14, 2021, "The Making of Loki" has been added to Assembled, offering more footage and reveals about He Who Remains and Marvel's next big bad — Kang the Conqueror


Beginning at the 55:00 mark of "The Making of Loki," new footage of Jonathon Majors as He Who Remains is shown along with snippets of dialogue that ended up on the cutting room floor. 

Loki Kang Deleted Scene, Jonathan Majors
Marvel Studios

The first moment, found at the 55:30 mark, shows Majors fully in character telling Loki and Sylvie, "I'd try to explain what I'm capable of, but we don't have the million years it would take for you to understand."

This supports the fact that his character of He Who Remains is, as he says, older than he looks and has seen all, including the evil versions of himself.

Loki Kang Deleted Scene, Jonathan Majors
Marvel Studios

The next scene, shown above, has the eccentrically blasé He Who Remains telling the pair, "Guys, if I was gonna do an exploding chair, why wouldn't I just do an exploding floor?"

Loki Kang Deleted Scene, Jonathan Majors
Marvel Studios

Perhaps the most ominous lost quote has Majors saying, "You think I'm just here with you. Whoo! I am everywhere."


Even though Jonathon Majors only appeared as He Who Remains for Loki's Season 1 finale, his character's monologue is essentially a primer for what's coming next in the MCU.

This is why these deleted bits of dialogue are intriguing. While they didn't make it into the episode, they were either part of the script or at least versions of the studio's explanation of what's been happening and what's being set up.

The quote of "You think I'm just here with you. Whoo! I am everywhere" is particularly revealing as it supports the series' presentation as time as a loop and reinforces the fact that fans are about to see multiple versions of Kang from different timelines in Marvel's upcoming projects.

As the MCU plunges deeper into its Phase 4 story, no doubt fans and the studio will revisit Majors' monologue.

In fact, if Nick Fury's speech about "There was an idea" was the foundation for the Infinity Saga, Majors just might've done the same for the studio's next epic installment.

The first full season of Loki is now streaming on Disney+. 

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