Tom Hiddleston Is Shirtless In New Footage From Marvel's Loki Disney+ Show

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Loki Tom Hiddleston Shirtless

Marvel Studios will be returning to its regularly scheduled release programming in a little more than three weeks with the premiere of Loki coming to Disney+ in June. A full decade after his MCU journey began, Tom Hiddleston will make his first leading appearance in the franchise as the God of Mischief finds himself jumping through time and alternate dimensions.

With the show’s arrival coming so soon, promotional material is finding its way online and onto TV screens to build hype to new levels. The MTV Movie Awards even served to bring the very first full clip from the show, expanding on the first meeting between Loki and Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius in the Time Variance Authority’s headquarters.

That trend of new footage continues tonight thanks to a brand-new TV spot for the solo series.


Twitter user @raadrebekah shared a video of a new TV spot for Marvel Studios' Loki on Disney+. Nearly the entire spot features newly released footage, including dialogue from the animated Miss Minutes and a shirtless Tom Hiddleston.

To the delight of many, the spot offered the first on-screen look at Tom Hiddleston's Loki shirtless.

Tom Hiddleston Shirtless Loki

Tom Hiddleson's leading hero is seen here being disrobed, likely as he first gets to the Time Variance Authority. 

Loki Spot 2

Loki proceeds to look up at the robot removing his clothes, in complete disbelief of what's happening to him.

Loki Spot 3

Loki faces the clothing-removing robot, leaving fans wondering if this is what every TVA prisoner endures upon arrival.


Loki Miss Minutes Clock

Clothing incidents aside, this spot shows more of the comedic parts of the God of Mischief’s journey. While it’s unclear how much time Loki will spend at the TVA headquarters, the environment looks ripe for classic Marvel hilarity.

With a full-blown southern American accent coming out of Miss Minutes, it seems likely that she could see some scene-stealing moments as Loki acquaints himself with this inter-dimensional agency. This is the hope, at least, considering her cheery demeanor welcoming the TVA’s prisoners to their new situation.

While the trailer showed off more of the classic Marvel action shots, it’s becoming clear that Hiddleston’s interactions with Owen Wilson and Gugu Mbatha-Raw will play a key role in pushing the plot forward. The two TVA authority figures are about to enlist Loki’s help to fix the timeline, and even with no major plot details revealed, this already appears to be another wild ride for Marvel Studios.

The first episode of Loki will premiere on Wednesday, June 9.

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