Loki Disney+: New Promo Image Shows Tom Hiddleston In Ragged Election Clothes

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Tom Hiddleston is set to premiere in Marvel Studios' third Disney+ series to come out this year. The Marvel veteran will star in the titular role in Loki, which will be his seventh appearance as the God of Mischief in the MCU. 

The series is centered around the Loki variant that disappeared with the tesseract during Avengers: Endgame's 2012 sequence. The Time Variance Authority is involved and various time-traveling aspects will likely be involved. Owen Wilson's Mobius M. Mobius will also play a key role in containing Loki and attempting to use him to fix the flow of time.

Other Lokis such as a classic Loki, kid Loki, and Lady Loki are all rumored to make an appearance alongside the prime character. For Hiddleston's Loki, it seems he will go through a few wardrobe changes based on the marketing. One outfit that caught many fans' attention Is his election clothing based on the Vote Loki comics series. 


Loki Election

A new promotional image released on Mamegyorai shows an image of Tom Hiddleston's Loki in ragged and ripped election clothing. In the Loki trailer, Loki can be seen wearing his election outfit fully intact, but then being threatened at knife-point. This new image points to a rough fight taking place soon after that glimpse in the trailer. 

Vote Loki
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In the trailers and marketing leading up to the June premiere of Loki, it's clear that Tom Hiddleston's character is in for a bumpy journey. Mobius and the TVA are seen trying to contain Loki and have him work in conjunction with them. Any Marvel fan knows where that is heading, especially considering this is the 2012 Loki still filled with rage and jealousy toward his sparkly brother.

Loki in his election attire is one of the more out-of-place pieces of the marketing so far. In other shots the audience sees him wearing his TVA prisoner outfit, TVA suit, or the original Loki costume from where his journey will begin. This Vote Loki tribute doesn't go along with anything shown so far and possibly indicates that it'll happen later in the series when he has gained some sort of power and/or following.

Considering an image of a destroyed New York City and Avengers Tower has been shown, the multiversal possibilities are endless. Hiddleston's next journey begins when Loki premieres to Disney+ on Wednesday, June 9. 

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