Is Kylie Jenner Pregnant With Timothee Chalamet's Baby? Rumors Explained

By Sam Hargrave Posted:
Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet

As rumors spread of Kylie Jenner being pregnant with Timothee Chalamet's baby and her third child overall, many are wondering if there is any truth.

Kylie Jenner gave birth to Stormi and Aire Webster in 2018 and 2022, respectively, with rap legend Travis Scott being the father to her two children. 

However, as of January 2023, the celeb power couple have now separated, and Jenner is now dating Dune star Timothee Chalamet. 

Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy Rumors Explained

Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet are believed to have met for the first time in January 2023 when they attended the same show at Paris Couture Week. 

Rumors of their romance began to spread by April 2023 but they wouldn't go public with their relationship until attending Beyoncé’s star-studded birthday concert together in September 2023.

Talk of Jenner being pregnant once again, this time with Chalamet's baby, began thanks to comedian Daniel Tosh. On his podcast (via VT), Tosh alleged he heard from a grocery store worker who witnessed filming of The Kardashians reality show that the upcoming finale will deliver the revelation of Jenner's pregnancy:

"This was the scene that apparently happened: Kylie reveals that she’s pregnant again with Timothée’s kid. What a bombshell."

The rumors were also fueled when Jenner was pictured with the Kardashian family at her aunt Karen Houghton's funeral wearing no makeup and a black oversized jumper after several weeks out of the spotlight.

But alas, TMZ was quick to dispel the rumors, confirming from sources close to The Kardashians' production that not only were no scenes filmed in the grocery store in question, but Jenner is not pregnant at all. Many have speculated Tosh manufactured the tale in an effort to draw attention to his podcast.

The article pointed out how Jenner has shown no signs of being pregnant and was notably pictured recently in late March taking a sip of her new alcoholic seltzer Sprinter, indicating she is not expecting her third child.

So, as of now, there are no signs Kyle Jenner is expecting Timothee Chalamet's child, with talk of her supposed pregnancy seemingly coming from a bogus rumor.

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