Justice League: Zack Snyder Says Lois Lane's Kryptonian Fetus Snapped Superman Back

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Superman vs Justice League with Lois Lane

Zack Snyder's newly released cut of Justice League offers a drastically different cinematic experience from Joss Whedon's film that was previously released in 2017. The director's take on the superhero team-up includes over two hours of new footage, multiple new characters, and villains, as well as entire new storylines that change large portions of the story.

All around, the new version of the film has been met with substantially better reviews and fan response than the original cut . The more complex nature of Snyder's vision has left viewers with many more plot points to question and analyze. As Warner Bros. doesn't seem to have any interest in pursuing a revived Snyder-Verse , fans will have to settle for the director's recently released storyboards to see where the story would have gone next .

Despite his affiliation with DC seemingly being at an end, Zack Snyder continues to offer new tidbits of information for fans of his universe, providing new answers to the many mysteries of his story. Continuing with this fashion, the director has suggested there may be more to one key scene than initially meets the eye...


One scene that remained largely the same in Zack Snyder's Justice League saw the recently resurrected Superman taking on the Justice League in Heroes Park. It seems Joss Whedon largely chose to include Snyder's original footage here as the sequence plays out the same with the Man of Steel only stopping the fight after spotting Lois Lane arriving at the scene.

Upon the original release, most would assume the Kryptonian simply saw the love of his life and was instantly relaxed, however, it seems Snyder had a different interpretation of the moment.

Henry Cavill Superman

In an interview with the ReelBlend Podcast — shared on Twitter by @LisWonder1 — the director suggested “when Lois comes to him [Superman] in Heroes Park he can sense that she's pregnant,” snapping him back to peace:

Snyder went on to point out that “we sure did” see a pregnancy test in Lois' drawer early in the film, indicating the reporter was pregnant with a Kryptonian child during the film , and Superman is aware of it.


Lois Lane's pregnancy offers interesting implications for the future of Zack Snyder's DC universe that is unlikely to ever be explored. Most would assume this means the director was planning to introduce Jonathan Kent into the DCEU down the line, however, it doesn't seem that's where the director was going.

Previous comments from the former DC filmmaker have confirmed that Superman and Lois' son wouldn't have had any powers in this universe . Their son would instead go on to take on the Batman mantle after Bruce Wayne's death in the third film of the Justice League trilogy.

In DC Comics, Jonathan Kent is one of the most powerful heroes in canon, making it an odd decision to leave him with no powers at all. It's clear Snyder had a lot of ideas for where to take the DC world that would have taken some major departures from the traditional takes on these characters.

The director has confirmed in the past he had some ideas that even Warner Bros. wasn't on board with to the point he had to scrap them from his plans. With major changes like a powerless son of Superman, and a romance between Bruce Wayne and Lois Lane , it's not surprising the studio doesn't want to push forward with calls to Restore the Snyder-Verse .

Zack Snyder's Justice League can be streamed now, only on HBO Max, with a physical release coming down the line .

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