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Justice League: Ray Fisher Reflects on Final Good & Bad Memories (FanExpo Canada 2021)

Ray Fisher, Cyborg
By Julia Delbel

DC fans finally got to see Zack Snyder's Justice League after years of hoping for the said "Snyder Cut" of the original 2017 film, but that didn't mean every issue related to the movie had been resolved.

Reports from multiple people on the project of unsavory treatment by Joss Whedon - who took over directorial duties from Snyder to complete the original cut of the movie - are still unresolved, and actor Ray Fisher has even refused to be involved in another DC project until an apology from DC Films president Walter Hamada is issued.

A Bittersweet Ending to Justice League for Ray Fisher

Ray Fisher Justice League

However, Fisher did return for reshoots to complete Snyder's version of Justice League. At Fisher's panel at the recent Fan Expo Canada: Limited Edition event in Toronto, as attended by The Direct, he was asked what he was most excited about getting to flesh out in the film. Fisher explained that it was only a "two-day shoot" for him and that he only filmed material for one scene during that short time.

"Well, that was actually only like two days' worth of stuff. Everything that [audiences] saw in the film outside the nightmare sequence at the end with Joker and Deathstroke and everybody, like, we had shot that stuff back in 2016. The only thing I came back for was that two-day shoot."

Even though his time on reshoots for the Snyder Cut was short, Fisher went on to express his gratitude for getting to have a positive "final memory [...] of [the] process," with Snyder after the tumultuous experience of working with Whedon on the theatrical version of Justice League.

"It was great to have that be the final experience of shooting the film. And I remember calling Zack after the fact and was like, 'hey listen, I'm just glad that this is the final memory that I have of this process, and not the other stuff, right?'."

Despite his most recent memory working on a DC project being a happy one, Fisher reiterated that "there's still very much a battle to get some sort of accountability" when it comes to what happened with Whedon and the studio as a whole.

"It's not an 'all's well that ends well' kind of situation, because there's obviously still very much a battle to get some sort of accountability for, you know, how things had gone down, but when I think of Justice League [now], the other side of it is almost completely erased from my mind."

Closure on Justice League, But No Closure Overall

Fisher has stated many times that he will not work under Walter Hamada again until a formal apology for the treatment he experienced while working on Justice League is issued, but despite the continued lack of one, it sounds like he hasn't given up hope that this may still happen.

It's clear that Fisher truly enjoyed working with Zack Snyder and playing the character of Cyborg, but that at the end of the day, accountability is what he values above all else.

Fortunately, it appears getting to work with Snyder one last time allowed Fisher some closure on Justice League and allowed him to end the experience of making the project on a high note.

Zack Snyder's Justice League is available to stream on HBO Max.