What Happened to Josh Harris on Deadliest Catch? Where Is He Now?

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Deadliest Catch Josh Harris

Star Josh Harris has been missing in some of the most recent seasons of Deadliest Catch, but why?

Serving as one of Discovery's longest-running hits, the beloved documentary series shows audiences the reality of working a crabbing boat in the icy cold waters of the Bering Sea. 

The show's 20th season debuted in June on Discovery and Max, bringing back the sea-soaked adventure led by captains Johnathan Hillstrand and Sig Hansen. 

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What Happened to Josh Harris in Deadliest Catch?

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Content Warning - The rest of this article includes mention of pedophilia, sexual assault, and rape. Proceed at your own discretion.

With Deadliest Catch back in the zeitgeist following the release of Season 20, fans have started to wonder again what happened to series star Josh Harris. 

Harris was a part of the hit reality series for seven seasons from 2015 to 2022, appearing in over 200 episodes of the series and its various spin-offs. He joined the show after his father, Phill Haris (the show's original ship captain), tragically passed in  2010.

Harris was fired from the show before Season 19 in late 2022 after a report resurfaced of an arrest and charge against him from more than two decades prior. 

In September 2022, it was reported Harris had been arrested in 1999 following a crime he committed in 1997. 

According to a damning story written by Factz.com (via CinemaBlend), Harris has been charged with sexual assault in the late '90s after allegations he had raped and assaulted a 4-year-old girl. 

This resulted in the eventual TV mainstay serving nine months in prison and taking a psychosexual examination. 

Shortly after the charges against Harris came to light, Discovery quickly cut ties with the longtime Deadliest Catch cast member, writing in a statement given to RadarOnline, "We've been made aware of this issue. Josh will not appear in future episodes of this series."

At the time, it was unclear how Season 19 would skirt around his involvement, but he was edited out. 

This would come just a year after Harris' brother, Jake (who appeared in over 75 episodes of the series), was arrested as well, being charged with driving under the influence in Washington state. 

Where Is Josh Harris Now?

Since his ousting from the Deadliest Catch franchise, not much has been heard from Josh Harris. 

Little is known about his current whereabouts, but there have been some rumblings indicating where the former Discovery Channel star is. 

According to enterprising fans on Reddit, Harris had reportedly sold his house earlier in 2024, but nothing has been found to substantiate that rumor. 

Given how public his firing from the show was and the severity of the crimes behind it, it remains likely Harris will continue to live a life out of the spotlight. 

As of writing, Deadliest Catch has continued for two seasons without Harris' involvement. 

Deadliest Catch is streaming on Max. 

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