Iron Claw Movie Gets Exciting Online Release Update: When Will It Start Streaming?

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Zac Efron in The Iron Claw

The Iron Claw just got an online release date that is imminent!

The Zac Efron-led film The Iron Claw follows the true story of Kevin Von Erich and his family, in the world of professional wrestling. 

Many believe the movie was snubbed by the 2024 Academy Awards after it didn’t receive any nominations despite its acclaim.

When Will The Iron Claw Be on Digital?

It has been revealed The Iron Claw will get an online release on iTunes Australia starting Thursday, February 22 (via WhenToStream). 

Ergo, it is quite likely that the film will be eligible to buy on iTunes in the U.S. the following day, Friday, February 23.

This means it will be almost exactly two months from the day The Iron Claw entered theaters to its late February digital release date.

How does this compare to past A24 films? Aftersun and The Whale’s theatrical-to-digital windows were both just about two months as well. 

The former hit theaters on October 21, 2022 and digital on December 20. And the latter, on December 9 and February 21, respectively.

The Iron Claw’s Streaming Date Is Another Story

It has been confirmed when The Iron Claw will come out on digital. But when will it be added to a streaming service? 

A24, which produced the movie previously struck a deal with Warner Bros. Discovery to bring its upcoming movies to Max (via The Hollywood Reporter). This includes The Iron Claw.

The problem is, though, that this agreement has not been put into practice yet; no A24 movies are streamable on Max through the deal, but they are indeed coming. 

To gauge when Iron Claw might be put on Max, it is worth examining the theatrical, digital, and streaming dates for other A24 productions.

A24’s 2022 film Pearl came to theaters on September 16 of that year, hit digital a little over a month later on October 25, and started streaming on Showtime on May 16, 2023. Beau is Afraid followed a similar trajectory.

With all that in mind, and factoring in that A24 releases typically have a longer window between digital and streaming, it could very well be that The Iron Claw still has a long way to go before it drops on Max. The deal with Warner Bros. might serve to expedite the process but that hasn’t been officially confirmed.

So, if the Warner Bros. arrangement does speed things up, a probable time for its Max availability would be late March 2023. However, if A24 sticks to its established process, Iron Claw could be looking at a potential August/September window for streaming.

The Iron Claw is still playing in theaters in certain territories and markets around the globe.

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