Civil War 2024 Movie Blu-ray Release Date Announced: When Will It Start Streaming?

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Cailee Spaeny as Jessie Cullen in Civil War movie, Statue of Liberty

The official Blu-ray release date for A24's Civil War will give fans a better idea of when the dystopian film will begin streaming.

Civil War, written and directed by Alex Garland, follows a group of journalists embarking on a journey across the United States amidst a modern civil war.

Starring Kristen Dunst, Wagner Moura, and Cailee Spaeny, A24's latest film is already the fifth-highest-grossing film in studio history. This made many believe the film's projected digital and streaming releases would be slightly delayed.

However, the latest post-theater Civil War update will help narrow down its release online.

Official Civil War Blu-ray Release Date

Civil War 2024 movie still
Civil War

According to When To Stream, the Civil War Blu-ray will be available on July 9, 88 days after opening in theaters.

The outlet also predicts Civil War's digital release online to arrive sometime during the end of May. This aligns with When To Stream's previous expectation of A24 waiting at least 45 days until shifting to digital.

If Civil War were to hit online markets after 45 days, that would bring its digital release to Monday, May 27.

Comparatively, A24's Priscilla became available online 49 days after hitting theaters and The Iron Claw was released digitally 53 days after opening.

Keeping that in mind, it's easy to assume that if Civil War isn't available to watch online in May, it's expected to be by early June at the latest. 

When Will Civil War Begin Streaming on Max? 

After its impending digital release, Civil War is set to arrive on Max thanks to A24's recent agreement with the streaming platform. 

However, the exact timing remains uncertain, but the new Blu-ray release and A24's past release patterns offer some insights. 

For example, Priscilla began streaming on Max 119 days after opening in theaters.

Similarly, The Zone of Interest appeared on Max 112 days after its theatrical release while The Iron Claw is joining the streamer on May 10, 140 after hitting the silver screen.

Another potential clue to hone in on Civil War's streaming premiere is The Iron Claw will be added to Max 45 days after its physical release.

The most likely streaming release date for Civil War is Friday, August 23. This would be 45 days after its physical release and 133 days after hitting theaters, which is similar to recent A24 release strategies.

In general, fans can expect Civil War to be available for no extra cost on Max sometime in August or July.

For now, Civil War is still playing in theaters.

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