When Will Civil War Start Streaming? Max Reveals July 2024 Release Schedule Without Movie

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A24's Civil War was missing from Max's (formerly HBO Max) latest release schedule, leading audiences to ask when the dystopian drama will finally begin streaming. 

Directed by Alex Garland, Civil War stars Kirsten Dunst and Cailee Spaeny and follows a team of journalists across the United States during a fictional, modern-day civil war.

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When To Expect Civil War to Stream on Max

Civil War's Cailee Spaeny
Cailee Spaeny

Once again, Civil War was not included in Max's July release streaming schedule. 

Instead, the July 2024 slate features films such as Black Adam, The Meg, and Twister (July 1), as well as reality series including Season 9 of Beachfront Bargain Hunt Renovations (July 5), Shark Attack Island (July 12), and Sharktopia (July 13).

Therefore, it seems audiences will have to wait a little longer, and likely weeks after Civil War's July 9th Blu-ray release, to finally stream the film on Max.

Still, while Civil War was missing from Max's latest line-up, that does not mean it will not debut in the coming weeks.

Other Warner Bros. movies like The Flash and Evil Dead Rise were both omitted from their respective Max release month updates, and Greta Gerwig's box office hit Barbie received an exclusive launch announcement. 

In addition, Max's latest press release noted their July schedule could change and may not be comprehensive.

When Will Civil War Arrive on Max

Given that Civil War made its theatrical debut on April 12 and proved to be a box office success, the film's absence from Max isn't all that surprising. 

Previous A24 films like Priscilla did not drop on Max until over 100 days after opening in theaters, and The Iron Claw didn't begin streaming until 140 days after its box office debut. 

In addition, these studio films have a precedent of waiting anywhere from 45 to 70 days after their digital releases before arriving on Max.  

If Max intends to surprise audiences with a July streaming premiere for the Dunst-led war flick, it probably would not happen until mid-month such as Friday, July 19.

However, if Civil War follows the same release schedule as Priscilla, which Max's schedule currently suggests, Alex Garland's thriller is likely to drop on Max two months after its May 24 digital release date, which would be sometime in August. 

Civil War's Blu-ray will be available on Friday, July 9.

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