Inside Out 2 Characters: All New & Returning Emotions, Humans & Other Players (Photos)

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Anxiety in Inside Out 2, Joy, Sadness

Disney and Pixar's Inside Out 2 is both a reunion and an introduction to compelling characters old and new.

In the 2024 blockbuster and sequel to the hit 2015 family film, Riley is now 13 years old and suddenly navigating puberty at a hockey summer camp ahead of starting high school. 

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New & Returning Characters From Inside Out 2 

Joy - Amy Poehler

Joy in Inside Out 2, Amy Poehler in Parks & Recreation
Amy Poehler

In Inside Out 2, the sunny, enthusiastic Joy is back at the console where she's seemingly mastered a working relationship with her fellow emotions and Riley's mind. 

But that all changes when Riley hits a new milestone and other emotions invade Headquarters, upending Joy and Riley. Fortunately, Joy's dedication to Riley ultimately saves the day.

Actress and comedian Amy Poehler of Saturday Night Live and Parks and Recreation is returning as the voice of the bubbly, loveable Joy.

Anxiety - Maya Hawke

Anxiety in Inside Out 2, Maya Hawke in Stranger Things
Maya Hawke

One of the new and leading emotions of Inside Out 2 is the jittery and compulsive Anxiety. 

After her debut at Headquarters, Anxiety becomes the sequel's antagonist and fitting foil for Joy. She leads the other new emotions to construct a different belief system for Riley before her high school debut. 

Voicing Anxiety for the Inside Out sequel is Maya Hawke, best known for Stranger Things.  

Riley Andersen - Kensington Tallman

Riley Andersen in Inside Out 2, Kensington Tallman in Home Sweet Rome
Kensington Tallman

13-year-old Riley Andersen is the main character of Inside Out 2 and the host of the sequel's emotional roller coaster. 

Since 2015's Inside Out, the hockey-loving Riley is two years older and dealing with braces, high school, and hockey camp when puberty arrives. 

As Riley wrestles with new feelings and pressures and sacrifices old friends for new ones, her emotions are doing the same. 

Taking over the role from Kaitlyn Dias, 15-year-old Kensington Tallman is the new voice of Riley in Inside Out 2. Her credits range from That Girl Lay Lay to Home Sweet Rome.

Sadness - Phyllis Smith

Sadness in Inisde Out 2, Phyllis Smith
Phyllis Smith

After proving her purpose in Inside Out, the soft-spoken, teary-eyed Sadness is back for Inside Out 2, where she continues to play a role as Riley enters her teenage years. 

Also reprising her role as Sadness is Phyllis Smith, who played Phyllis Vance in The Office

Anger - Lewis Black

Anger in Inside Out 2, Lewis Black
Lewis Black

The cranky, cantankerous Anger is particularly fiery and explosive in Pixar's latest film, especially when he finds himself pushed out of headquarters from Riley's new, invading emotions. 

Actor Lewis Black from Man of the Year, Jacob's Ladder, and Spongebob Squarepants is another original Inside Out voice actor who returned for the sequel. 

Disgust - Liza Lapira

Disgust in Inside Out 2, Liza Lapira
Liza Lapira

The green-hued Disgust, first introduced in Inside Out, is back at the console for Inside Out 2 with plenty of new and familiar sensations to revile and abhor. 

Liza Lapira, known for her roles in NCIS, Dexter, The Equalizer, and Crazy, Stupid, Love, takes over the role of Disgust from Mindy Kaling. 

Fear - Tony Hale

Fear in Inside Out 2, Tony Hale
Tony Hale

The nervous, sweater-vest-wearing Fear has also returned for Inside Out 2, where he feels a sense of common ground with Riley's new emotions. 

However, since he's one of Riley's original emotions, he's ultimately locked away when the newcomers stage their takeover. 

While Bill Hader voiced Fear in 2015, Arrested Development's Tony Hale is the new voice of purple-hued emotion. He's also no stranger to Pixar; he voiced Forky in Toy Story 4.

Envy - Ayo Edebiri

Envy in Inside Out 2, Ayo Edebiri in The Bear
Ayo Edebiri

The tiny but sparkly, wide-eyed Envy is another of Riley's new emotions whose impulsiveness and insecurity add to the chaos at Headquarters in Inside Out 2.

The Bear's Ayo Adebiri provides the voice of the petite but pivotal Envy, adding to her credits, which consist of Bottoms, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, and Luca Guadagnino's After the Hunt. 

Ennui - Adèle Exarchopoulos

Ennui in Inside Out 2, Adèle Exarchopoulos
Adèle Exarchopoulos

The eye-rolling, apathetic Ennui or boredom is yet another addition to Inside Out 2's emotional roster known for controlling Riley via a mobile app. 

Ennui also acts as an antagonist, keeping Riley from anything deemed lame or uninteresting while helping her conform to her new peers. 

Providing the voice of Ennui is actress Adèle Exarchopoulos from Blue is the Warmest Colour. She's also a Pixar alum, having voiced the European French dub of Pixar's 2023 film Elemental.

Embarrassment - Paul Walter Hauser

Embarrassment in Inside Out 2, Paul Water Hauser
Paul Walter Hauser

Another new emotion is the uncomfortable, overly sensitive Embarrassment who wants to blend in and avoid social awkwardness. 

To hide from judging eyes and avoid cringing, Embarrassment fills his role at the console with a hoodie pulled tight around his head. 

Voicing Embarrassment is Paul Walter Hauser from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Black Bird, and Marvel Studios' highly anticipated The Fantastic Four.

Bloofy - Ron Funches

Bloofy in Inside Out 2, Ron Funches
Ron Funches

In addition to new emotions, Inside Out 2 also introduced Bloofy, a purple dog from Riley's favorite childhood TV show known for addressing the audience.

Unlike the film's other characters, Bloofy was created through traditional hand-drawn animation. He also interacts with Riley's original emotions when they find themselves locked in the Vault.

In addition to voicing Bloofy, actor and comedian Ron Funches has voiced characters in the Trolls franchise and The Adventures of Puss in Boots.

Pouchy - James Austin Johnson

Pouchy in Inside Out 2, James Austin Johnson on Saturday Night Live
James Austin Johnson

Pouchy isn't just another new character but also an accessory to Bloofy.

The yellow sentient fanny pack comes to the aid of Bloofy and anyone who calls for it, a trait that Riley's emotions utilize during the film. 

Pouchy is voiced by James Austin Johnson from Better Call Saul and Saturday Night Live.  

Lance Slashblade - Yong Yea

Lance Slashblade in Inside Out 2, Yong Yea
Yong Yea

Reminiscent of Final Fantasy character designs, Lance Slashblade is a video game character Riley once had a crush on and has also been locked in the Vault. 

Yong Yea is the voice of the heroic Slashblade and can also be heard in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse.

Deep Dark Secret - Steve Purcell

Deep Dark Secret Happy Meal Toy
Deep Dark Secret

Another character Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust encounter in the Vault is the dark, hooded, and mysterious Deep Dark Secret. 

While the film didn't divulge the specifics of Riley's secret, Inside Out 2's post-credits revealed the answer.

Nostalgia - June Squibb

Nostalgia in Inside Out 2, June Squibb
June Squibb

Appearing as a cutesy old lady with glasses and a teacup, Nostalgia is another new emotion to enter Riley's mind, and she is always eager to reminisce.

Nostalgia is voiced by June Squibb, known for Nebraska, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Soul, and is set to appear in Scarlett Johansson's Eleanor the Great.

Val Ortiz - Lilimar 

Val Ortiz in Inside Out 2, Lilimar in Bella and the Bulldogs
Val Ortiz

Valentina Ortiz, or Val, is a popular high school hockey player who Riley admires at camp.

Lilimar, known for Bella and the Bulldogs, School of Rock, and Batwheels, plays Val.

Grace - Grace Lu

Grace in Inside Out 2, Grace Lu
Grace Lu

In Inside Out 2, Grace is the somewhat timid best friend of Riley and Bree. 

Grace Lu, whose credits consist of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Bunk'd, is the voice of Grace.

Bree - Sumayyah Nuriddin-Green

Bree in Inside Out 2, Sumayyah Nuriddin-Green
Sumayyah Nuriddin-Green

The best friend of Riley and Grace, Bree and Grace both find themselves alienated by Riley during their time at hockey camp. 

Sumayyah Nuriddin-Green voices Bree in her first-ever credited role.

Mrs. Andersen - Diane Lane

Mrs. Andersen in Inside Out 2, Diane Lane
Diane Lane

Not only is Riley struggling with her new emotions but so is her mom, especially when Riley begins to exhibit new behaviors. 

Reprising her role as Mrs. Andersen is Diane Lane, who's long-running film career spans The Outsiders, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Man of Steel.

Mr. Andersen - Kyle MacLachlan

Mr. Andersen in Inside Out 2, Kyle MacLachlan in Fallout
Kyle MacLachlan

Riley's hockey-loving, well-intentioned dad is back in Inside Out 2, where he finds himself the father as a teenager. 

Voicing Mr. Andersen is Kyle MacLachlan from Twin Peaks, Dune (1984), and Fallout.

Inside Out 2 is playing in theaters now.

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