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Netflix's animated Hilda series is returning for a third and final season that will boast a cast led by The Last of Us and Game of Thrones actress Bella Ramsey.

Hilda has been one of Netflix's highest-rated TV shows since it first debuted on the platform in 2018 (boasting an 8.5 rating on IMDb). The show follows a character named Hilda as she and her friends go on adventures to meet and befriend different people and creatures.

In an interview with Animation Magazine, the show's creator and co-producer Luke Pearson teased what will come in Season 3, explaining how it will ultimately tell "a more focused, ongoing story," and that it will definitely "surprise" viewers.

Every Main Actor and Character in Hilda Season 3

Bella Ramsey - Hilda

Bella Ramsey and Hilda
Bella Ramsey

Bella Ramsey's Hilda is the outright main character of the Netflix series, with the series revolving around her story.

In the show, Hilda is an adventurous human who has always stood out when compared to other people. However, this is one aspect that makes her so unique, along with the fact that she enjoys going on adventures with her pet deer-fox and friends around the city of Trolberg.

In Season 2, Hilda actually became a troll, and in the 2021 movie titled Hilda and the Mountain King, she ultimately embarked on a quest for another troll named Trundle. After completing her quest for Trundle, she was turned back into a human, but she then learned that Trundle was actually the mountain king.

In the series' third season, Hilda embarks on a trip to Tofoten with her friends and mother to visit her Great-Aunt Astrid. Early on, she stumbles upon a book named the Fairies of Tofoten and is flung into another investigation to uncover the connection between the mystical creatures and the town.

Bella Ramsey is best known for her roles in The Last of Us and Game of Thrones.

Ameerah Falzon-Ojo - Frida

Ameerah Falzon-Ojo and Frida
Ameerah Falzon-Ojo

Ameerah Falzon-Ojo's Frida plays an important main role in the show as one of Hilda's human best friends.

Frida is notably able to use magic, and in Season 2, she became a witch in training.

In Season 3, Frida changes her focus to local politics, hosting a town hall for the nisse to help them get along.

Falzon-Ojo can also be seen in So Awkward and Infamy.

Oliver Nelson - David

David in Hilda

Like Frida, Oliver Nelson's David is another main character in Hilda and is also a best friend to Bella Ramsey's character.

Even though David has generally been an easily scared person, he is a member of the Sparrow Scouts, and in the Hilda and the Mountain King movie, he made the brave decision to join Frida and Hilda in an attempt to stop the trolls.

Later on in Season 3, David brings Hilda and Frida along on a Sparrow Scout expedition that leads them to venture down a river, only to happen upon a merman.

Oliver Nelson is also credited in ITV's Home Fires

Daisy Haggard - Johanna

Daisy Haggard and Johanna in Hilda
Daisy Haggard

Daisy Haggard's Johanna, who is also known as Mum, since she is Hilda's mother, is often seen as overprotective of her daughter.

Johanna doesn't really have many friends, but that is mainly because she devotes so much time to Hilda.

At the end of the Hilda and the Mountain King movie, Johanna finally gave in and allowed Baba to come over to their house while also allowing Hilda to go out and see Baba.

This teased that Johanna will be a little less obsessive about protecting Hilda in Season 3, though she's forced to step in once Hilda's father comes back into the picture.

Haggard notably appeared in two Harry Potter films, as well as I Give it a Year and Back to Life

Rasmus Hardiker - Alfur

Rasmus Hardiker and Alfur
Rasmus Hardiker

Rasmus Hardiker's character, whose full name is Alfur Aldric, is another one of Hilda's close friends, but instead of being human, he is actually an elf.

Alfur made a brief appearance in the recent film where he helped Johanna search for Hilda.

Hardiker also had roles in Your Highness and Lead Balloon.

Miriam Margoyles - Astrid

Miriam Margoyles and Astrid
Miriam Margoyles

Miriam Margoyles' Astrid makes her debut in Season 3 of Hilda.

The character, who is Hilda's great-aunt, was not in the original graphic novels and is a fairy who lives in Tofoten.

Her eccentric ways and hidden secrets eventually come to a head with Johanna, creating conflict between the pair.

Margoyles is best known for her roles in the Harry Potter series and The Age of Innocence.

John Simm - Anders

John Simm and Anders
John Simm

John Simm's Anders has also never appeared in the show, but he finally makes his debut in Season 3 after several teases and allusions in past episodes.

Anders is Hilda's father and appears in the final two tie-in books. He is known to be an adventurous man like his daughter, and Johanna described that he often disappears without warning.

Hilda's dad returns to visit her daughter in Trollberg and takes her and her friends for lunch, but it becomes apparent that Anders has other more nefarious ideas behind his reappearance.

Simms is also known for Human Traffic and Sex Traffic.

Shirley Henderson - The Fairy Entity

Shirley Henderson and The Fairy Entity
Shirley Henderson

The Fairy Entity appeared in only one tie-in book called Hilda and the Fairy Village, but she is fully realized in the show during the Season 3 finale.

The Fairy Entity has total control over Fairy Country and also possesses magical abilities.

The Fairy Entity will be played by Shirley Henderson, who is best known for playing Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter and voicing Babu Frik in Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker.

Raj Ghatak - Eugene

Raj Ghatak and Eugene
Raj Ghatak

Eugene, like The Fairy Entity, has only appeared in a tie-in book but appears properly in Season 3 of Hilda.

Eugene is a merman, who is a professional performer. He tells Hilda and her Freaky Friends that he will help them find their way back to camp, but uses his powers to meddle and mess with them.

The character will be portrayed by Raj Eugene, who can be seen in Christopher Robin and Dead Set.

Jian Andany - Louise

Louise in Hilda

Louise was originally introduced in the tie-in book as a member of the Sparrow Scouts, but is properly introduced in Season 3.

Louise loves photography but often keeps to herself. In the tie-in book, Hilda ultimately brings Louise in as the fourth member of their close-circle group of friends.

Similarly, in the third season, Louise is assigned to team up with Hilda and co. by the scoutmaster. This propels her into trouble though, as she is forced to deal with the troublesome Eugene's attempts at performance.

In Season 3 of Hilda, Louise will be played by Jian Andany.

Season 3 of Hilda is now available to stream on Netflix.

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