How Old Is Hilda In Each Season of Hilda?

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Fans cannot seem to entirely agree on the age of the main character in the popular Netflix series Hilda is supposed to be.

Hilda started as a series of comics called Hildafolk, written and drawn by creator Luke Pearson back in 2010. Centering on a little girl named Hilda, naturally, the eventual Netflix animated series followed her on her mystical adventures in a world that took inspiration from Scandinavian folklore.

As the program gained in popularity, debates have sprung up over how old Hilda is specifically supposed to be in each of the show’s three seasons. Although there are some indicators of her age throughout the series, the actual specifics remain difficult to puzzle out.

Hilda’s Age in the Netflix Series Explained

Hilda with her father in Hilda Season 3
Hilda in Hilda Season 3

So, how old is Hilda in the hit Netflix series? Fans seem to have varying answers to this question.

In the first season of Hilda, it’s generally agreed upon that the title character is 11 years old. From there, things appear to get slightly trickier to pin down.

Hilda’s age is unclear in Season 2 since an undetermined amount of time has passed since the first season. 

Additionally, at the end of the movie Hilda and the Mountain King, director Andy Coyle (via X) stated some time had passed for the character. Mountain King is set in between Hilda’s second and third seasons:

“Yes, Hilda is older at the end of 'The Mountain King.'”

Then, in the series finale, her age is specifically stated as 13. (Special thanks to X user rizkuda for sharing this detail with us!)

To break things down, here is a list of Hilda’s assumed age throughout the seasons of the series:

  • Season 1: 11 years old
  • Season 2: About 12 years old
  • The end of Hilda and the Mountain King: 13 years old
  • Season 3: 13 years old

According to Andy Coyle, Hilda, as a story, is about growing up, so it would never make sense for the character to not grow and mature:

“It's a show about growing up, so it'd feel kind of weird if the characters remained static and frozen in time.”

Could There Be More Adventures for Hilda in the Future?

With Hilda Season 3 having come and gone, is there the potential for additional installments of the series?

Luke Pearson and series star Bella Ramsey have both said that Season 3 is meant to serve as the last one, meaning there won’t be a Hilda Season 4.

However, diehard fans of the show can always delve into the graphic novels on which the series is based if they can’t get enough of this world and its characters.

All three seasons of Hilda, plus the movie Hilda and the Mountain King, are available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

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