Will Hilda Season 4 Ever Release on Netflix?

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Hilda and friends in Season 3

Following the release of Hilda Season 3, fans are wondering if Season 4 could be on the cards for the animated Netflix series. 

Led by Game of Thrones and Last of Us star Bella Ramsey, Hilda has delighted audiences on the streaming giant since its debut in 2018.

However, after three seasons following the titular hero on her adventures in Trolberg, the hit series has seemingly ended, with Hilda's future in doubt. 

Is Season 3 of Hilda the End?

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Season 3 of the animated Netflix hit, has been dubbed its 'final' season with those involved saying their goodbyes on various platforms. 

Star Bella Ramsey took to Instagram on Season 3's release date (Friday, December 8) reminiscing about their time working on the series. 

In a post - along with the poster for the animated series and a picture of them, in their first recording session - they lamented how much of a "huge part" of their life the series has been:

"I’ve just been trying to find out exactly when my first Hilda recording session was. But it was so long ago I don’t have documentation of it. :’) from what I can deduce, it was 2016. 7 years ago. 'Hilda' has been a huge part of my life for 7 years. I’ve only been acting for 9. And I say huge part of my life, because recording Hilda meant that I would regularly take the train down to London with my mum, or occasionally my dad. Our train would arrive into St Pancras, and we would walk from there to Soho Square Studios, be given tea, sit in the little downstairs waiting area, and then be taken into the studio by Peacock Sound."

Indicating that Season 3 was the end of the show, Ramsey added, "Thank you and congratulations to the whole of the Hilda team:"

"Thank you and congratulations to the whole of the 'Hilda' team, most of whom I have never met. We made a good show. Kurt, Bryan, Emerald - you rock. You TROLL rock. The final season of Hilda is now available to stream on Netflix."

Series creator Luke Pearson, also shared his memories on the social media platform, writing, "It's strange and pretty amazing" to think this is the "last time" of being at a Hilda release:

"Dear 'Hilda' fans, I'm writing this the night before 'Hilda' Season 3 is released. It's strange and pretty amazing to think this is the third (fourth?) time of being here and even stranger to think that it's the last."

He continued, "It's been immensely satisfying" to see the "reach [the series has] had" and "the enthusiastic audience it's grown over the years:"

"So it's been immensely satisfying to see the reach it's had and the enthusiastic audience it's gorwns over the years. So thank you to the 'Hilda' community and to everyone who's ever spread the word or written kind things about the show."

Further cementing that this was, in fact, the end of the series, Pearson closed by saying, "I truly hope you enjoy this last run of adventures:"

 Finally thank you to all the fans and everyone who's watched the show, drawn fan art, or sent me nice messages over the years. I recently had the experience of someone telling me they'd been watching 'Hilda' since they were a kid, which is when it dawned on me how long this journey has been. I'm very pleased we made it this far and that we get to go out with a bang. To everyone who's stuck with the show, I truly hope you enjoy this last run of adventures."

So, as it stands, Season 4 of Hilda seems like a non-starter. 

Could Hilda Season 4 Ever Happen?

While the book on the Hilda animated series may be closing (at least for now), with the recently released third season, one should not count out a potential return somewhere down the line. 

The series already seemingly came back from the dead with Season 3. As Peasron put it in his emotional Instagram post, "This season itself feels, to a degree, like it shouldn't exist."

The creative team had run out of graphic novels to base these animated stories on, and "Netflix could have very easily pulled the plug." 

However, despite the deck being stacked against them - and after a two-year break - the show came back for one "final" push. 

Over the years, Hilda has built up a devoted and passionate fanbase. Viewers that were young kids when the series started, have now grown up with the show, and will likely be vocal over the series ending. 

While people like Bella Ramsey and Luke Pearson may be considering Season 3 as 'the end', that does not necessarily mean it is. 

Season 3 may currently stand as the end, but with enough passionate pleas from fans, who knows what could happen?

Series like this come back from the dead all the time. Just look at a show like Hulu's Futurama. That series has "ended" three times now, and yet keeps coming back.

In closing, no, Hilda Season 4 is not currently on the books at Netflix; however, it would be naive to think the door is completely closed on a potential revival down the line. 

Hilda Seasons 1-3 are streaming now on Netflix. 

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