Helluva Boss Season 2 Episode 8 Gets Exciting Release Update from Creator

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The latest update on Helluva Boss Season 2 indicates Episode 8's release is imminent. 

The eighth episode of the R-rated YouTube comedy has been a long time coming, with the last mainline entry into the series coming back in October 2023. 

Since then, the Hazbin Hotel spin-off has remained vague in regard to its return. After being teased for "March or April" release by series star and co-writer Brandon Rogers, the series would eventually be given an official (but nebulous) May release date

Helluva Boss Season 2 Releases Soon

Helluva Boss Season 2 Part 2
Helluva Boss

In a conversation at MomoCon 2024, Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel creator Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano, offered an update on Helluva Boss Season 2, Episode 8, all but confirming the show's imminent release. 

According to Medrano, who was speaking as a part of a panel at the Atlanta, Georgia convention, the "goal is Friday [May 31]" for Helluva Boss' return. 

She cited that the only reason it has taken this long for the animated YouTube series to come back is that they "want it to be perfect" when it does:

"Our diehard goal is Friday. The only reason that the episode has not come out yet is because we want it to be perfect. We want it to be worth the wait. We want it to have every element of the music. We just want to make sure that it is right, and that is really it. But we are really close, so Friday or bust is our goal."

This comes more than seven months after the last episode of Helluva Boss

A trailer released mere weeks ago dubbed May as the release month of this next chapter in the Hellaverse story, with four more to follow between June and December of this year. 

That was however put into question when Medrano posted during the Memorial Day holiday weekend that work was still being done on Episode 8 and it was "looking much more like next week:"

"I know a lot are expecting our next episode out this weekend. Because we are trying to make it the best it can be it’s looking much more like next week! Solid dates coming for the next eps, but this one is just a tad special, still a little cooking left to do! Thank you all!"

At the time, it was unclear whether she meant the last week of May or the first of June, but her latest comments cleared the air on the subject, confirming she did, mean May. 

While it will just be teetering the edge when it does eventually debut, Season 2, Episode 8 - if it hits that "Friday" date Medrano mentioned - will make the previously announced May release window fans have latched onto.

What Is Next for Helluva Boss After Season 2, Episode 8?

Hopefully, once Episode 8 of Helluva Boss Season 2 hits YouTube, the ball will be rolling into the rest of Season 2. 

If the rest of the series hits the dates that were teased in its early May teaser, this wait between Episodes 7 and 8 will be the longest fans will have to endure within the Season. 

Episode 9 (subtitled "The Apology Tour") is expected to be released in June, followed by a bit of break, with Episodes 10, 11, and 12 in set to debut in October, November, and December respectively. 

The full remaining Helluva Boss Season 2 release schedule can be seen below:

  • Season 2, Episode 8 - "The Full Moon:" May
  • Season 2, Episode 9 - "Apology Tour:" June
  • Season 2, Episode 10 - "Ghostfuckers:" October
  • Season 2, Episode 11 - "Mastermind:" November
  • Season 2, Episode 12 - "Sinsmas:" December

As for anything beyond that, Medrano has not announced any info on a potential Season 3 publicly. 

Medrano previously revealed on X (formerly Twitter) that she has "a very set 4 season story" for the animated series, but nothing much has been said on the subject since then:

"'Helluva' is a very set 4 season story. We are very far from the end but very determined to tell it one way or another."

Since the last time fans saw Helluva Boss, Medrano and the Hellaverse creative team have found mass success with the release of Hazbin Hotel's first proper season on Amazon Prime Video

The newfound success of her mainline animated musical series could pull attention away from Hellvua Boss going forward, but that is just speculation at this point. 

According to series star and co-writer Brandon Rogers, who spoke to The Direct at FanExpo Vancouver in February 2024, he sees Helluva going on past Season 2, with the team going back and forth between the two series:

The Direct: "Last question for you. For 'Helluva Boss,' do you guys see it going any further after Season 2? There has been talk of a four-season plan, but what is it looking like now that we have this juggernaut that is 'Hazbin Hotel' picking up?"

Rogers: "It's going to pick up and then 'Helluva Boss' is going to come in when that storm dies down a bit, and people are going to be reminded why it is the better show. I’m just kidding. But it’s cool. Not many creators can say they have one juggernaut let alone two of them."

For now, fans will just have to wait to find out what happens to Helluva Boss in a post-Hazbin Hotel world. 

Helluva Boss is available now on Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano's YouTube channel.

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