Hell's Paradise Season 2 Release, Cast & Everything We Know

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Hell's Paradise Season 2

The search for the elixir of life continues as Hell's Paradise Season 2 awaits its eventual release. 

Adapted from Yuji Kaku's uber-popular manga of the same name, the Hell's Paradise anime (which can be streamed on Crunchyroll in the U.S.) introduced audiences to a new shonen adventure with its April 2023 debut. 

The animated adventure takes place in the Edo period of feudal Japan, following a ninja named Gabimaru and his executioner friend Yamada Asaemon Sagiri as they search for the elixir of immortality. 

When Will Hell’s Paradise Season 2 Release?

Hell's Paradise trailer screenshot
Hell’s Paradise

Season 2 of Hell's Paradise has been officially confirmed with no publicly known release date. 

A second season for the hit anime was ordered in July 2023 to coincide with the end of Season 1. As reported by Crunchyroll, Season 2 was announced by way of a brief trailer featuring footage from Season 1. 

Hell's Paradise Season 1 was announced in January 2021, before premiering 15 months later in April 2023. 

If Season 2 were to follow the same production pipeline, a release scheduled for sometime in Q2 2025 would make sense. 

However, one would be remiss to not factor in Studio MAPPA's (the studio behind the Hell's Paradise anime) busy schedule. 

The animation house also works on series like Oblivion Battery, Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill Season 2, and Jujutsu Kaisen Season 3, so the release of Hell's Paradise Season 2 could be delayed.

Studio MAPPA usually works with this sort of packed schedule, meaning the workload should not prolong the return of Hell's Paradise, but it easily could. 

Who Is Cast in Hell’s Paradise Season 2?

Fans looking forward to Hell's Paradise Season 2 can expect much of the core cast to return for its sophomore effort.

This is led by Gabimaru (played by Chiaki Kobayashi in Japanese and Alejandro Saab in English). Season 1 saw Gabimaru - a ninja living in the Edo period - venture to a mysterious island off the coast of Japan on a quest to discover the elixir of life. 

He was joined by the executioner, Sagiri (voiced in Japanese by Yumiri Hanamori and in English by Marisa Duran), who will also likely be back for Season 2 swinging her iconic sword on this continued adventure into the unknown. 

Here is a full list of characters expected to return in Hell's Paradise Season 2:

• Gabimaru – Chiaki Kobayashi (Japanese) / Alejandro Saab (English)
• Sagiri – Yumiri Hanamori (Japanese) / Marisa Duran (English)
• Yuzuriha – Rie Takahashi (Japanese) / Jill Harris (English)
• Senta – Daiki Yamashita (Japanese) / Jordan Dash Cruz (English)
• Gantetsusai Tamiya – Tetsu Inada (Japanese) / Phil Parsons (English)
• Fuchi Yamada Asaemon – Aoi Ichikawa (Japanese) / Justin Briner (English)
• Shion – Chikahiro Kobayashi (Japanese) / Reagan Murdock (English)
• Nurugai – Makoto Koichi (Japanese) / Cassie Ewulu (English)

Also, coming as a new addition to Season 2 will be Japanese voice actor Ryota Suzuki who is voicing Yamada Asaemon Shugen. 

Shugen's involvement in the series' second season was announced as a part of a panel at Jump Festa 2024 (via Crunchyroll). Shugen, the leader of the Yamada Asaemon's second team, is competing with Gabimaru and Sagiri in their conquest to capture the elixir of life. 

What Will Happen in Hell’s Paradise Season 2?

Seeing as Hell's Paradise is based on a manga of the same fan, enthusiastic fans can head to the source material if they are itching to know where this story will go next. 

Season 1 ended about halfway through the manga's original run, telling the story through the Lord Tensen Arc. 

Season 2 is expected to pick up with the events of Chapter 60 of the manga. This follows the continued conquest for the elixir of life by the various inhabitants of Jigokuraku. 

They also learned some history of the island they find themselves on, gaining a working knowledge of the mysterious power known as Tao. 

This new revelation by those living on the island will cause a reluctant alliance to be forged. 

As the series heads into what is known as the Hōrai Arc in Season 2, the criminals and executioners of Jigokuraku are forced to come together as they attempt to take down the overruling Lord Tensen. 

However, things do not go as planned as a Tensen-aligned second landing party comes ashore on Jigokuraku, led by the dastardly Zhu Jin, offering yet another antagonist for the series' central heroes to come to blows with. 

Is There a Trailer for Hell's Paradise Season 2?

A trailer has been released for Hell's Paradise Season 2, but it does not reveal much.

The brief 30-second tease came as a part of the series' Season 2 announcement but did nothing more than confirm more episodes were in the works. 

No new footage was made public as a part of the trailer, and nothing really can be gleaned from it. 

It simply features a voiceover from the series' colorful cast of characters accompanied by footage from Season 1. 

A proper Season 2 trailer can be expected in the coming months as the title approaches its eventual release. 

Watch the full teaser trailer below:

Hell's Paradise Season 1 is streaming now on Crunchyroll. 

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