Frieren Beyond Journey’s End Season 2: Will It Release?

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Frieren Beyond Journey's End

Frieren Beyond Journey's End Season 2 has yet to be announced, but that has not stopped audiences from clamoring for its release. 

The anime adaptation of Kanehito Yamada's beloved manga series of the same name hit TV screens in September 2023, bringing 29 episodes and coming to an end in late March 2024. 

Season 1 of the anime (which can be streamed now on Crunchyroll) only seemed to cover the first half of its source material. With over 125 chapters of the story to dive into, there is plenty of narrative fodder for the animated series to gnaw on. 

Will Frieren Season 2 Ever Be Released?

Frieren in Frieren Beyond Journey's End
Frieren Beyond Journey's End

No official announcement for Frieren Beyond Journey's End Season's release has been made, but more from the anime has been teased. 

Season 1's finale (which debuted on March 22) ended with a hint at a potential Season 2, closing with on-screen text saying, "The journey to Ende continues."

This was followed by a post on the series' official X (formerly Twitter) page sporting the same message, reassuring fans that Season 1 was likely not the end.

If a second season were to be greenlit, fans may be waiting some time before the series would return though.

Season 1 was given the rubber stamp in September 2022 (as reported by Anime News Network), before it debuted a year later in September 2023. 

That means if a second batch of episodes were to be announced soon, the earliest they could be released would seemingly be sometime in 2025. 

However, given the Japanese animation industry's further push for more measured timelines, and Frieren studio Mad House Inc.'s busy schedule working on titles like Orb: On the Movements of the Earth and Trillion Game, there is the chance the series could take even longer.

Considering these factors, it could be two years before the series returns, putting a potential release sometime in 2026. 

What Will Happen in Frieren Season 2?

Frieren Beyond Journey's End Season 1 introduced audiences to the series's titular eleven mage as she embarked on a quest to reunite with her fallen comrade Himmel at the resting place of souls.

The first season covered about half of the original manga's story, pulling its story from its first 60 chapters.

One can assume if/when Season 2 of the anime is given the green light, it will pick back up in Chapter 61. 

That puts the anime right at the start of what is known as the Continued Northern Travels Arc, as Frieren and her party (made up of Stark and Fern) venture further north. 

As a part of this story, the party comes across a magic-nullifying crystal they may be able to use in their favor, which will prove useful, as the Continued Northern Travels Arc features some of the team's more daring challenges yet. 

While some of these bumps in the road include new battles to fight, enemies to encounter, and problems to solve, the biggest most daunting task comes in this storyline when Stark and Fern are forced to face possible romantic feelings for one another on a date. 

This potential carnal entanglement could put the future of the party in jeopardy, but, if successful, could also bring the team closer together than ever before. 

Of course, from there, the team's continued quest to reunite with the fallen hero Himmel at the resting place of souls will be top of mind. One can only hope the party makes it there in one piece. 

Frieren Beyond Journey's End Season 1 is now streaming on Crunchyroll. 

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