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The events leading up to The Final War arc are front and center in My Hero Academia Season 7.

My Hero Academia chronicles the story of an aspiring young hero named Izuku Midoriya who enters a hero academy to learn what it takes to be one. 

His wish is granted after the world's strongest superhero, All Might, gives him his own Quirk (aka superpower), essentially choosing him as his successor. 

When Will My Hero Academia Season 7 Release?

Deku in My Hero Academia Season 7
My Hero Academia

In an announcement made at Jump Festa 24 in December 2023, My Hero Academia Season 7 was confirmed to premiere on Crunchyroll at 2:30 a.m. PT on May 4.

Before the scheduled release of Season 7, Crunchyroll also revealed that a four-part series titled My Hero Academia Memories will be released on the streaming service at 2:30 a.m. PT on April 6, 13, 20, and 27.

This mini-series is set to look back at the iconic moments of My Hero Academia so far, and it will also include new scenes that will set up the events of Season 7. The first installment of these covers some of the show's earlier moments while fleshing out Shigaraki's motivations against All-Might.

Another My Hero Academia movie is also slated to premiere sometime in Summer 2024. The film began production in August 2023 and it is based on a new script supervised by manga writer Kohei Horikoshi. 

My Hero Academia Season 6 concluded its run in March 2023. 

Who Will Be in the My Hero Academia Season 7 Cast?

Class 1-A in My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

It is expected that most of the main voice cast of My Hero Academia will return in Season 7, starting with Daiki Yamashita and Justin Briner as the Japanese and English voices of Izuku Midoriya. 

Ayane Sakura and Luci Christian will likely return as well as the voices of Ochaco Uraraka. 

Additional cast members such as Nobuhiko Okamoto and Clifford Chapin (Katsuki Bakugo), Yuki Kaji and David Matranga (Shoto Todoroki), and Kenta Miyake and Christopher Sabat (All Might) are all poised for a comeback. 

Given her grand entrance at the end of Season 6, Star and Stripe voice actors Romi Paku and Natalie Van Sistine are also set to return to a much bigger role in Season 7. 

Here is an overview of the expected voice cast of My Hero Academia Season 7:

  • Izuku Midoriya - Daiki Yamashita (JP) / Justin Briner (EN) 
  • Ochaco Uraraka - Ayane Sakura (JP) / Luci Christian (EN) 
  • Tenya Iida - Kaito Ishikawa (JP) / J. Michael Tatum (EN)
  • Katsuki Bakugo -  Nobuhiko Okamoto (JP) / Clifford Chapin (EN)
  • Shoto Todoroki -  Yuki Kaji (JP) / David Matranga (EN)
  • Momo Yaoyorozu - Marina Inoue (JP) / Colleen Clinkenbeard (EN)
  • Kyoka Jiro - Kei Shindo (JP) / Trina Nishimura (EN)
  • Mezo Shoji - Masakazu Nishida (JP) / Ian Sinclair (EN)
  • Tomura Shigaraki - Koki Uchiyama (JP) / Eric Vale (EN)
  • All Might - Kenta Miyake (JP) / Christopher Sabat (EN) 
  • Himiko Toga -  Misato Fukuen (JP) / Leah Clark (EN)
  • Dabi -  Hiro Shimono (JP) / Jason Liebrecht (EN)
  • All For One - Akio Otsuka (JP) / John Swasey (EN) 
  • Star and Stripe -  Romi Paku (JP) / Natalie Van Sistine (EN)

What Will Happen in My Hero Academia Season 7?

Dabi in My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Season 6 ended with the arrival of America's famous No. 1 hero, Star and Stripe, in Japan to lend a hand in the fight against All For One. 

Before Star and Stripe's arrival, though, Deku and the rest of the good guys experienced bloodshed and betrayal, ending with the main big bad, All For One, breaking out of prison. 

The clash between the Paranormal Liberation and the heroes is set to be one of the main storylines in Season 7. 

Star and Stripe's highly-anticipated battle with All For One is also poised to happen. Fans of the manga know too well what will happen to that fight, and it's not pretty. 

A looming (and heartbreaking) betrayal from a member of Class 1A is also set to happen as well as a potential clash between Dabi and Shoto. 

All signs are pointing to the Final War with an inevitable all-out war between the forces of Deku and All For One. 

Is There a Trailer for My Hero Academia Season 7?

Deku, Bakugo, Ochaco, Shoto, and other members of Class 1-A in My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

Alongside the announcement of Season 7's release date, Crunchyroll also released a trailer packed with exciting footage, such as action shots of Deku and his team, the League of Villains, and Star and Stripe preparing for her clash against All For One. 

Watch the trailer below: 

A second trailer for Season 7 has also been released, highlighting the oncoming carnage from Tomura Shigaraki and Dabi and a tease of the new intro coming for the seventh season.

Watch the latest trailer below:

All six seasons of My Hero Academia are streaming on Crunchyroll. 

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