My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 2 Release Date, Time & Confirmed Details

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My Hero Academia

Season 7, Episode 2 of My Hero Academia is soon set to release, with its official date and time now confirmed.

The anime My Hero Academia (based on the popular manga series) has been running since 2016, telling the story of a boy named Izuku who doesn't have superpowers in a world where most people do. 

However, the world's top hero, All Might, sees Izuku's potential and the rest of the series tells the story of the high school for training superheroes.

Season 7 kicked off on May 4, releasing its debut episode and drawing returning audiences back in for an action-packed season.

My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 2 Release

My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 2
My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia fans can mark their calendars for Season 7, Episode 2, set to premiere on May 11 on Crunchyroll, according to the show's official website.

The episode is expected to air at 5:30 a.m. ET, and it promises intense action as the showdown between Stars and Stripes and Shigaraki unfolds. 

Viewers can anticipate a weekly release schedule for the following episodes of My Hero Academia Season 7. 

Historically, the series has released its initial episodes weekly, with at least the first 14 episodes airing consecutively. This consistent release format ensures viewers can expect regular updates on the thrilling superhero saga.

Here's a look at the Season 7 Episode 2, promotional video:

My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 1 Recap

My Hero Academia Season 7, Episode 1 dives straight into action, showcasing Deku's reflection and Star's crushing blow to Shigaraki, accompanied by a powerful soundtrack. 

While the episode received praise for its animation and character portrayal, some felt there was an excessive explanation of Star's powers during the intense fight. 

However, Season 7's overall kickoff was well-received, with anticipation building for the upcoming episodes. 

Star's character development and her formidable quirk, "New Order," were highlights, despite initial skepticism about her personality. 

Although the confrontation between Shigaraki and All For One felt familiar, the episode's visuals, including the opening and ending themes, were captivating.

My Hero Academia Season 7, Episode 2 will debut on Crunchyroll at 5:30 a.m. ET

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