HBO Max’s Green Lantern Gets Promising Update Amid Cancellation Rumors

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Green Lantern HBO Max

In the wake of the cancellation of Batgirl, the landscape of the upcoming DC slate appears that much more uncertain. While some projects, such as Blue Beetle and The Flash seem stuck in limbo, others haven't even been lucky enough to reach that point, like the supposedly upcoming Green Lantern series.

This fabled Green Lantern project has been up in the air for quite some time, with information about its development slowly leaking out over the years. Actors Finn Wittrock and Jeremy Irvine signed on for roles as Guy Gardener and Alan Scott respectively, with The Direct exclusively reporting on the possible presence of a black female lead, the Dominators, and multiple time periods.

Even as the series' development has been long and seemingly troubled, it appears that it has not only survived but will continue actively moving forwards.

Green Lantern Series Set To Burn Bright

Green Lantern HBO Max

According to a report from The Hollywood ReporterGreen Lantern is still very much on its way, even as fellow series Strange Adventures gets the ax. The series, which was announced back in 2019, was rumored to have been canceled alongside Batgirl in the restructuring happening over at Warner Bros. Discovery, yet appears to have made it out unscathed.

The reason for the show's delay, according to the article, is creatives "taking their time with the effects-heavy show — the priciest series Berlanti Productions has ever mounted — in order to get it right."

Additionally, the report confirms the previous casting announcements of Finn Wittrock and Jeremy Irvine, as well as the director for the first two episodes, Lee Toland Krieger.

Green Lantern Keeps Working Towards Production

Though the upcoming Green Lantern series still seems far away, this reassurance, coming fresh off the heels of the upset over at Warner Bros. Discovery, seems to confirm that the show is still well on its way. With filming supposedly set to begin later this year, the timing of this report makes a good deal of sense, reaffirming the company's commitment to the project during such uncertain times while also reminding fans of its existence.

Even as it now seems more certain that the Green Lantern Corps will soar once more, it's still unclear what exactly fans should expect from the series. Rumors about plot details would seem to indicate a large scope for the space-faring series, what with the inclusion of Sinestro, the Dominators, and multiple time periods, yet with no concrete details having been announced, it isn't clear what form the series will ultimately take.

The source of the project is also interesting. Although Berlanti Productions have worked on superhero fare before, most famously with the creation and expansion of the Arrowverse, these projects have oftentimes lacked a certain cinematic quality. The article's comments about the enlarged budget of the series make sense in this context, pointing to the possibility that the show will outshine its CW counterparts.

Greg Berlanti, of Berlanti Productions, while likely best known for his work on CW shows such as The Flash, also has his own relationship with the Green Lantern brand. Credited as writer and producer on 2011's Green Lantern, Berlanti recently opened up about his experience with the film, clarifying that while his name was plastered "all over it," he was actually fired from the project. As such, this upcoming series may be Berlanti's way of attempting to right that wrong.

Though the actual state and content of the upcoming Green Lantern show are still somewhat up in the air, fans can rest easy in the knowledge that, unlike many other upcoming DC projects, the Emerald Knights of Oa seem safe.

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